{Checklist For Life, For Teens}

As you may have already realized, {In Pursuit} is about growing as a woman, a wife, a mother, a leader, and more. It’s about being {In Pursuit} of all that God has for me. A very important part of that is the high calling of being a mother. I don’t take it lightly that God has blessed me with these specific children. For every mother out there who has ever felt overwhelmed with this calling, I encourage you to breathe deeply, pray often, and make a plan. What exactly is it that you want to teach your children? What exactly is important for you and your family? What morals, truths, traditions, and life lessons do you want to pass on? Your list may read something like: loving and knowing God, how to handle finances, truths about our faith, responsibility, character, etc.

I believe that your children are a gift of God. I believe that He chose you specifically to parent them. And I also believe that you are able (through God’s grace and wisdom) to impart into them the life lessons that will impact their future.


My son just turned 12 years this past week. For the past few years, I’ve felt a huge responsibility to teach him and instruct him (on purpose and with purpose) so that he is better capable and prepared to make decisions in the future. With that in mind and with lots of prayer, I purchased a book called, CHECKLIST FOR LIFE, for teens: Timeless Wisdom & Foolproof Strategies for Making the Most of Life’s Challenges & Opportunities.  (This book can be purchased online for about$10.00 – $15.00. The eBook can be found here.)

What I loved about this book is that:

  • it’s simple to read (each category is about 3-4 pages in length)
  • has a  fun layout teens will love
  • is loaded with scripture (you know how much I love that!!!)
  • it has a TO DO section to help teens apply what they’ve learned
JOIN US….Each week in our home we will review one of the topics below, then we will post about it. There are 2-3 chapters that deal with sex and intimacy and break-ups. Those will not be posted here out of respect for each families way of introducing these sensitive topics to their children. (Those who purchase the book can compare my index below to the one in the book and will see that those 2-3 chapters are not listed). So, if you will join us, we’d love to share, discuss, and find out how you teach your children God’s important truths! Our first chapter discussion will be posted this Saturday.
Week by week topics:

Week 1- Self Acceptance= we spoke about the different issues that teens face regarding their self-image and we also reviewed how God sees us. Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Verse Cards on Self Acceptance}.

Week 2- Loss= we learned how to handle loss in our lives God’s way. Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Verse Cards on Loss}

Week 3- Cliques= we learned about the pressure of belonging and the importance of knowing our identity and position in the Body of Christ. Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Verse Cards on Cliques}

Week 4- Gossip, we talked about the importance of knowing the power in your words and how they affect others.  Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Cards on Gossip}

Week 5- Tolerance= we talked about accepting others and what it looks like to see others the way Christ sees them. Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Cards on Accepting Others}

Week 6- Pride= we talked about pride and the harmful effects it has. We also talked about how God views pride. Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Cards on Pride}

Week 7- Success= we talked about God’s view of success vs. our views of success. Download your Free {Scripture Memory Cards on Success}.

Week 8- Values= we talked about knowing your values so that you are not corrupted by evil company. Download your FREE  {Scripture Memory Cards on Values}.

Week 9- Parents= we talked about parents role in guiding their children and the wisdom that teens can reap from their parents. Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Cards on Parents}.

Week 10-  Everyday Miracles= we talked about finding/ seeing miracles in our every day. Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Cards on Everyday Miracles}

Week 11- Loyalty= we talked about God’s definition of loyalty. Download your FREE {Scripture Memory Cards on Loyalty}.

Week 12- Purpose= we talked looked at the question ‘why are we born?’. Download your FREE  {Scripture Memory Cards on Purpose}.

Still To Come:

  • Why Me? (Purpose)
  • Must-Haves (Instant Gratification)
  • Upside-Down World (Handling Confusion)
  • High Fidelity (Loyalty)
  • Time to Chill (Overreacting)
  • Quote, Unquote (Rumors)
  • Lighten Up (Perfectionism)
  • Getting Some Downtime (Need for Rest)
  • Persecution Plus (Dealing with Rejection)
  • Supersize It (Exaggeration)
  • Totally Awesome (Maintaining a Sense of Wonder)
  • Leader of the Pack (Role Models)
  • Fair Play (Competition)
  • Deal with It (Siblings)
  • The Singing Heart (Joy)
  • Let’s Get Real (Honesty)
  • No One’s Looking (Making Ethical Decisions)
  • Dissed (Respect)
  • Catch Up With You Later (Procrastination)
  • Zipped Lips (Criticism)
  • A Different Kind of Love (Sacrifice)
  • You First (Humility)
  • Whatever Works (Cooperation)
  • Complaint Department (Complaining)
  • 24/7 (Time)
  • Just Do It (Obedience)
  • Soul Survivor (Trials)
  • Ever After (Love)
  • Making the Cut (Grades and Standards)
  • Instant Replay (Living with Regret)
  • Life Worth Living (Wisdom)
  • Danger Zone (Temptation)
  • Moving Mountains (Overcoming Obstacles)
  • Can’t Hurt (Cheerfulness)
  • Go Figure (Handling Money)
  • Wild Blue Yonder (Believing in Yourself)
  • Making a Comeback (Revenge)
  • Taking the Heat (Making Excuses)
  • Strong Shoulders (Bearing Burdens)
  • Don’t Sweat It (Choosing Your Battles)
  • The Jury of Your Peers (Peer Pressure)
  • Endless Possibilities (Planning for the Future)
  • Gray Matters (Choices)
  • Cutting Loose (Humor and Laughter)
  • Body Language (Listening)
  • Who’s The Boss? (Work)
  • The Real Thing (Spirituality)
  • Turning Down the Noise (Silence and Solitude)
  • Mastermind (Self-Control)
  • “Now Be Nice” (Kindness and Compassion)
  • All Grown Up (Maturity)

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