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You can now follow our HOMESCHOOL JOURNEY …

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goes on with our homeschooling days. Enjoy!


My home school journey began this year after many months of disappointment with our local schools and the education they are providing our children. I have a 4 year old daughter and I was torn between the “normal” way of doing things, sending her to school- and what I felt God was calling our family to do, home school.

To be honest with you, I was quite scared of doing this. There were so many things tugging on me in different directions. Questions after question filled my head:

  • what do you know about homeschooling?
  • can you even do it?
  • are you robbing your daughter from a good education?
  • what are the Pennsylvania laws concerning homeschooling?
  • where do you begin?
  • what do you teach?
  • what about your dreams? when will you have time for them?
  • how do you run a home and home school at the same time?
  • and so much more!

After much research, reading, prayer and consideration, along with several talks between my husband and I, we decided that since she would be considered a preschooler now, I would jump into this journey and see how our first year went.

We began with BRIGHT START LEARN AND GROW: My Preschool Learning Book. We are learning:

  • Alphabet and printing (one letter a week)
  • Beginning sounds
  • Same or different
  • Colors and shapes
  • Counting
  • Fun activities (like mazes and connect the dots)

Some of my favorite sites have been:

STARFALL.COM– This site has interactive learning. My daughter loves learning each of the letter lessons each week.

LETTER OF THE WEEK– This site was awesome in helping me put together a routine….lot and lots of wonderful and useful ideas, suggestions, and links!

OUR PRESCHOOL LEARNING BLOG– This was yet another site with many great ideas and suggestions.

CHRISTIAN HOMESCHOOLING ASSOCIATION OF PA– This site was quite helpful in learning the laws for our state of Pennsylvania regarding homeschooling.

So what does a day of learning look like?

Well, there’s morning prayer and bible story time, followed by learning her letters, phonics and writing, we then learn numbers, shapes, or colors…

There’s painting, music (dancing, singing, playing instruments), making finger paints, story time at the library, learning time at places like the Fish Hatchery or farms, and much more!

Our days are usually filled with lots of laughs!

Well there you have it… so far- this has been the best decision our family could have made. We have seen our daughter flourish and blossom right before our eyes. Today we just began the Letter M. It seems like just yesterday she fought with me because she just couldn’t get how to write the Letter A. Today, she is much more willing to jump into learning new things- and I delight in seeing her smile, her laughs, her shining eyes filled with joy as she grasps a new concept!


Teaching Preschoolers Their Numbers

Brain Food

  1. Hi Darla,
    I think that what you are doing with your daughter in regard to homeschooling is absolutely awesome! This would be great to share with moms who perhaps do not have access to your blog/website. I am certain there are moms who would benefit from what you are doing.
    Awesome! It is evident that Chayanne is learning and growing intellectually! How awesome!

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