Let me take a minute to {Invite} you to be a part of all the buzz here on {In Pursuit}… that’s right! I don’t want you to simply stop by and hear what I have to say, I want you to jump in and be a part of it! Here’s your chance.



November 19th is my 6 year wedding anniversary. Join me in celebrating by sharing with me your idea of a romantic anniversary celebration…. the key????? on a budget! Then check out {In Pursuit} the blogsite on November 16th to see if your idea made it to the top 5!!!! Please scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to find out how to submit your entry.



In order to make communicating with my readers a bit more personal, we now have our own {In Pursuit} My Quest, Facebook page. This will allow for a much easier way to send updates and info to those who want to receive them. It will also give you a “one-stop place” to get all your {In Pursuit} updates! So don’t forget to add us as a “Friend” (just click {here}), I want to get to know you!



For those of you on a journey towards a {Healthy Lifestyle}, we will begin our October Challenge on October 1st. Make sure to stop by {In Pursuit} tomorrow (9/30/11) to find out about that!

In the meantime, if you have a delicious {HEALTHY} recipe that you would like to share, please share the love!! Any recipes selected will be features throughout the month of October on our site and we definitely will give you credit with an honorable mention. So send me those Recipes! And if you have a picture of the finished product- even better!! We’d love to hear from you!



We had such a great turnout of ideas that we are keeping submissions for {Date Night on a Budget} open for future posts…so keep sending them in.

What can you come up with for a date night on a limited budget of $20….? We will be dedicating a post in October specifically for marriages. Come on now, anybody can plan something romantic with $100. But can you do the same with $20? Are you up for the challenge? If so, send me those ideas. All ideas submitted will receive honorable mention and five will be our featured specials!!! I want to hear from you!



If you have any topic ideas you would like to see here on {In Pursuit}, please feel free to send them in. Ideas, suggestions, and questions may be chosen as a {Reader’s Space} Featured Post.


{NOTE} All submission should be sent to


or you can inbox me on my Facebook Page: {InPursuitMyQuest}

Please provide the following with your entries:

  • name (and if you are okay with us disclosing that)
  • In the SUBJECT LINE, specify if it’s a Anniversary Idea, Date Night Idea, or Recipe Idea
  • idea or recipe
  • email
  • picture of your meal (if a recipe) or of yourself



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