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Good morning, ya’ll! I was so blessed yesterday by all the wonderful people who stopped by to show some love here on {In Pursuit}. I’ve read all your comments and I am just humbled you’ve decided to share your own personal struggles or journey with little ‘ol me. I look forward to getting to know you better and I look forward to walking alongside of you on this amazing journey!

Now, let me just start off by saying that we will be announcing the winner of the 30 day Agenda/ Daily Planner printable later today. So if you haven’t already done so, all it takes is a comment on any of this weeks’ posts to be entered for a chance to win. So come on, I want to hear from you! =0)

Lastly, if you haven’t already taken the poll on our {Welcome!!} page, please do. As of now, a little over 63% of those surveyed have stated that they are not satisfied with their lives. If you sit in a group of 10 people and look around, there’s a good chance that 6-7 of those sitting with you are not satisfied with where they are. The other 1-2 are not even sure how they feel about life and possibly 1 of those 10 is happy with their life.

So, my question is this… why are we not doing anything about it?

I was one of those 6-7 people, fed up with where I was in life. I was one of those 6-7 people who had no motivation, no purpose, no hope for a future. I had been dealt some unfavorable cards (and I picked some horrible cards along the way too!), and I felt like it was everybody else’s fault for my lack of contentment and disappointment. Sound familiar?

Well, that’s what {In Pursuit} is about. I sat down and evaluated the areas in my life I was unhappy with. And because I know it is God’s desire for me to be whole in all areas of my life, I began to write them down.  Then, without looking back at past failures, without hesitating to check my weaknesses or inabilities, I presented it to the Lord and began to move on it. That’s it. One step at a time.

There’s so much I want to share with you. The fact that you’re even here reading this is an encouragement for me to put out there the simple things that are changing my life. We are women, created to be helpmates, carriers of dreams. We are women created to birth destinies, set atmospheres, and influence those around us.

The problem is that we are also women: insecure, abused, mistreated, wounded, feeling unworthy, feeling incapable, lacking confidence, lacking trust, lacking resources, and in need of other women to teach us that which God has already taught them.

And so, today I wanted to share with you this free template  (click the link below) which was the starting point for my pursuit of change:

Life Goals

So come on girls, if you’re ready to make the change necessary, print out the spreadsheet, sit in a quiet corner, and start writing.

Here’s two examples from my own personal Life Goals sheet to help you get started:



  • create meal plan
  • exercise chart
  • vitamins
  • learn about nutrition
  • learn healthy recipes


  • pantry
  • kitchen drawers/cabinets
  • dining room hutch
  • hallway closet
  • electronics
  • linens
  • school supplies
  • digital photos
  • email
  • computer files

The point of this project is to take all the things that are consuming your daily thoughts, and get them down on paper. This spreadsheet is awesome because it helps me prioritize and check off as I go (and we all know how much I love CHECKING THINGS OFF MY LIST!).

I hope the Life Goals Spreadsheet will be as much of a blessing to you as it has been to me.

I want to hear from you. Stop by and comment, or inbox me and let me know about your journey.

Do you have any other ideas or suggestions on pursuing and going after your own Life Goals? Share the wisdom. Your conquest is my victory! My conquest is yours!


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{Making Time Work For Me}

{My Food Intake and Exercise Diary}

Although I am well aware that there are online tools to help us track our food intake and our exercise regimen, I like to do things the old-fashioned way- right on paper. It makes me feel more active and accountable in my health plan if I have to write down my daily food intake and exercise.

Having it in a place where I can read it throughout the day (versus typing it into an online program and then closing the laptop and walking away from it) certainly makes me more aware of my progress throughout the day.

You can make a health plan for yourself based on your needs, goals, and lifestyle. For my plan I took into consideration:

  • how many meals our family eats a day (including snacks)
  • exercise
  • water intake

Once you decide what you would like on your plan, create a layout (I simply used Microsoft Publisher to create mine).

I came up with a layout plan, added color to it, and personalized it by putting my name on it. Yep! That’s right: I’m owning this plan!!!

So here’s what the end result looks like:

While writing this post and loading up my picture, I realized that it would be a fantastic idea to add a section to check off for “Vitamins”. I am so bad with taking my vitamins. Having a check off box for this would help me become more consistent.

Now I know that writing your food intake and exercise for each day may not sound like a great idea to some. I know, I know- you’re probably too busy for all this… well, kudos to you!

As for me, I’m on a quest to live an abundant life! And that, my friend, means conquering this part of my life. If I want to see different results, I must try something different. Logging it all in will hold me accountable with what I’m doing with my food and exercise on a daily basis.

I will keep you updated on how it works out for me.

Now comes my favorite part… if you have any suggestions on how to make my tracking easier or more efficient, please send them over. Or, if you just want to share what’s working for you… that would be great as well.  I would love to hear from you!


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