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I am so excited to say that we just finished our {OCTOBER EXERCISE CHALLENGE}!!! Congratulations to those of you who signed up and successfully completed last month’s challenge. I am so proud of you for starting something and then following through until completion.

So what does that say about you? It says that you are in fact a disciplined person. You were able to commit to something and you were able to do it for 30 days. So what do you say? Do you think you’d be able to commit another 30 days to your Journey towards a {Healthy Lifestyle}?

If so, let me introduce you to the:

Alright, so first things first. Download your free tools below:

{Fall Food Diary}

{November Exercise Calendar}

I created the calendar with you in mind. I wanted it to be easy to read and easy to see where you’re at. In order to track your fitness level, each date has a small check-box for you to check off after completing 30-45 minutes of exercise that day. The goal is to get 4 to 5 days of movement a week.

Although our target is not a specific number on the scale, we do want to track our progress along with identifying a healthy weight. I left a {Notes} section at the top of the calendar. This section is for the following information. Please fill this portion in before tomorrow.

  • Starting weight this month
  • Calculate your healthy weight (can be done on this site)
  • Determine your goal

Remember, that the number on the scale is simply to choose a healthy target based on your weight and height. And remember that your goal should be more than simply fitting into that old dress. Thing bigger, think greater, think future.


You didn’t think it was going to be that easy this month did you? In addition to our 4-5 days of exercise a week. I want you to choose one food you will give up for the entire month!!! By the way, did I mention it must be ONE FOOD THAT YOU LOVE (and is not so good for you).

That’s right! We’re going there!!! Why? Because you don’t know what you’re capable of until you push yourself. And either way, it’s only 30 days. If at the end of 30 days, you don’t feel better and look better then you have the permission to discontinue the challenge. But what do you say? Are you willing to dig deeper?

Alright ladies,  if you are up for the challenge, we are taking off full swing.

Please see below if you’re ready to become an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER for November’s Challenge. For those of you who participated in the October Exercise Challenge, please make sure that you go through the steps below as I will be forming the new {Accountability Partners} email list and Facebook Group…

{Accountability, It Makes The Difference}

  • leave me a comment here saying {I WANT TO BE ACCOUNTABLE!} (you have to scroll all the way to the bottom)
  • send me an email at livinginpursuit@gmail.com (this is for daily motivation and updates)
  • if you would like to receive encouragement via text messages, please feel free to leave me your cell phone number as well
  • commit to exercising 4-5 times a week, 30-45 minutes each session
  • let me know what ONE FOOD you will be giving up for the next 30 days
  • print out your {November Exercise Calendar} and {Fall Food Diary and Intake Journal}
  • fill out your weight/ goals section on the calendar (That information is for you. Do not send to me)

I commit:

  • to pray for your health journey daily
  • to send you weekly encouragement via emails
  • to send healthy recipe ideas via email

So what do you say? Are you ready? I would love to partner with you!

Women {In Pursuit} of God’s best!!

  1. I want to be accountable! Im giving up everything chocolate…and any type of candy…

  2. I’m in too !!! Marta GBU !nice to have u in the group cant wait to meet u .

  3. im giving up the nestea n cream filled coffee cakes that i sometimes eat for dinner at work n m&ms lol….

    • okay, okay… I will take that… I hope that means that you eat those at least 4 times a week and so this is going to be difficult for you, lol!!! I have some chocolate chip oatmeal walnut cookies that Jason made for Iris and she left them here so, as you can imagine… this is very, very, very, very difficult for me!!!!

  4. Jessica Gonzalez

    I am so excited to embark on Novembers challenge. I am giving up chips. They are my comfort during stress.

  5. Wow Ladies I want to be Accountable I am giving up chocolate this month.

  6. Alright ladies, I will go first….. {I WANT TO BE ACCOUNTABLE!!!!} I am giving up cookies and cakes this month.

  7. Ladies, you are awesome!!!! I am having such a great time with you… Doesn’t it feel good to check it off our list?!!!! Keep up the great work!

  8. Im in Sista!!!! I have printed all my calendars.. I love all this organizational stuff!!! Thanks for all your hard work and time spent doing this for us!!! I think this is simply awesome and so are you:))))

    • Awwww, Lisa! Thanks so much for your kind words. I pray that the tools would be of help and encouragement to your own pursuit of God’s best for your life! Keep it up girl! P.S. I’m proud of you, last night was tough but you made great decisions!!!

  9. Im ready!!!

  10. count me in!!!!! I’ve always enjoy a good challenge ! 🙂

  11. I want to be accountable!

  12. I will be starting this journey starting this saturday. Ive save these tools on my desktop to print tomorrow 😉 loveee this

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