Exploring Who We Are

It’s a new year for change and growth. There’s no going around it, we’re either changing and growing… or not. It’s easy to fall into the “empty hand” trap. You know, the ‘I don’t have a seed to sow so I’ll just hang around and do nothing’ trap. Here’s the thing. Harvest time will come. Whether you prepared for it or not. Harvest time will show our obedience to sow during the planting season. We can’t gather what we didn’t sow.

“For God is the one who provides seed for the farmer and then bread to eat. In the same way, he will provide and increase your resources and then produce a great harvest of generosity in you.” (2 Cor. 9-10)

Once you’ve figured out you’re not empty-handed, you can move forward confidently. You’ve got something to offer. The world needs you.

Galatians 6-4-5


Now, let’s get ready to explore. Because you did know that we aren’t all called to do the same thing, right? Ephesians 2:10, tells us there are “good workswhich God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Where do we start?


Sit down with your pen and paper. Determine what some of your strengths are. Remember that strengths are a part of your personal character. Not sure what that looks like? Some examples could be:

  • caring
  • protective
  • encouraging
  • courageous
  • creative
  • loyal
  • intelligent
  • honest
  • gracious
  • any you can you think of?

Skills and Abilities

What are you good at? What ares of ability or expertise do you have?

  • administering
  • teaching
  • advising
  • organizing
  • planning
  • managing
  • influencing
  • hospitality
  • creativity
  • musical
  • any you can you think of?


Chances are you’ve got a story. You’ve been through some situation that could help encourage others. You’ve had jobs where you’ve gained experience in specific areas. What experience(s) come to mind?


Even after looking at our strengths, our skills, and our experiences, we can find ourselves ‘stuck’ because of the wounds from our past.

What painful experiences do you need to revisit in order that you might find true healing? It’s time to sit with God and lay it all out. For some of us, it might mean sitting with a trusted friend to open up about these feelings. Still others might find they need the help of a professional counselor. Understanding the parts of our lives that brought us pain, helps us to better identify their triggers in our present.

My father left us when I was 3. For years I suffered from abandonment and rejection issues. As I grew up, the moment I felt someone reject me, I’d immediately retreat. It was my defense mechanism for not getting hurt. Believe it or not, I even used this mechanism, inadvertently, with God. The moment I felt disappointed because I thought God wasn’t listening or He didn’t care about my situation, I’d retreat. I’d shut down and there was no one who could pry my heart back open until I felt safe again.

It’s been such a long journey, four very long years actually. But it’s a journey I’d take over again if I had to because I learned that God is good, He’s good over my life, and He absolutely loves me. I’ve learned He is faithful and He can be trusted. He’s good for His word!

So now, when I’m in a situation where I’m confronted with rejection or abandonment, I take a step back. I remind myself that people will always disappoint me. I remind myself that I, too, disappoint some. And I soak in the truth that God is faithful and He will never leave me. This truth anchors me. It rises up above the pain of my past and it shields me from the temptation to sulk in my pity party.

I am confidence that the power of God at work in my life is able to do a complete work in me. I have faith in His complete healing over any wound my heart has endured. And friend, I’m believing the same for you!

So what do you say? Ready for some exploration? Ready to get to know yourself at a deeper level? I hope so. Take your time and don’t forget to stop by next time when we’ll explore the work we’ve been given to do.

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