The Empty Hand Trap {And a Free Printable!}

Yesterday we talked about how we’re either changing and growing…or we’re not. I’m hoping to explore that further with you. Reality though, is that sometimes we can’t even get to the exploration part because there are issues that keep us stuck. If we don’t address them, they simply trap us in place. Stagnation is inevitable.

One such trap I’m all too familiar with is the “empty hand” trap.

The Empty Hand Trap

Have you ever felt you had nothing to offer, nothing to give?

I wonder, what ever made you think you possessed absolutely nothing of value and worth? I wonder, who made you feel less than? Who made you feel not worthy? Unloved? Rejected?

I wonder, when did you close your hand and put it in your pocket because you felt shame about your gift; You felt embarrassed about what you had to offer?

What lies did the enemy whisper into your ear making you feel that what you had to offer was insignificant, useless, and of no value?

The “empty-hand” trap- oh how many times I fell into that one.

There were so many events I didn’t show up to, so many moments I didn’t celebrate; so many times I shut myself off because of that sickening “empty-hand” trap.

Give Out Of The Overflow

Photo Credit: dolorix via Compfight cc

Here’s the thing. God never asked us to give what we don’t have. Sure, people do. People come with their agendas. They put a name to your dollar, to your time, to your gift, to your friendship. Not so with God.

People say, “I’ll be your friend, I’ll love you, I’ll accept you under these conditions…”

But God, His ways are so different. His love and faithful mercy is poured out over us, period. You messed up today? You’re covered. You didn’t live up to your potential? You’re covered. Unlike people (us included), who mess up and disappoint, God is faithful. Our weaknesses don’t turn Him off. Instead, He is made strong in them (2 Cor. 12:9).

He is a generous God and He is generous toward you.  In His wisdom, creativity, and abundance, He created the earth and everything in it. He saw it was good and He wanted to share that goodness with us.

Since the beginning, God has displayed His extravagant generosity towards us; In His love, in His grace, in His peace, in His joy, in His salvation…

When we see that we’re carrying boatloads of blessings, when we understand that our barnyards are overflowing, we can’t help but pour out into others.

God didn’t ask us to give what we don’t have. Instead, we give out of the bounty of His generosity already overflowing in our lives.

We remove our hands from our pockets, and unclenching them we say, “Here, Lord- out of Your generosity, this right here is what I desire to give. Not out of obligation. Not out of coercion or manipulation. Not out of some kind of “give in order to be blessed” motivation, but because it’s my honor. I get to give!”

We can’t help ourselves. Containing all this goodness is not an option. We shout from the rooftops, “Come, Come. For I have found the Fountain which quenches your thirst. I’ve found the Bread of life that satisfies my hunger. Come, Come. There’s room at the table for you!”

Friend, I don’t know about you, but this truth has been life transforming for me. Even as I sit here writing these words, I’m filled with joy and thanksgiving. I’m filled with excitement and anticipation of how I can serve God’s kingdom with all that He’s poured out into my life. And I’m beyond excited about what that will look like for you!

If you know something about the “empty-hand” trap, I invite you to renounce the lies of the enemy and step into the generosity and goodness of God. I’m scooting over here at the banquet table. There’s room for you. You belong here.

A Gift For You

Because I’m so sure that God’s word is active and transforming and because I want you to get this truth shut up in your bones, please accept this gift. Simply click on the link below to print out your Scripture Wall Art for FREE. And then, sweet friend,  stop by next time because we will be looking at exploring who we are and then exploring the work we’ve been given. 

Galatians 6-4-5

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  1. Such good words. Thank you for remind me about the overflow.

  2. Oh how many of us fall into that trap. I was thinking of people and scenarios that have made my and my loved ones’ hands feel empty. Such a great reminder that God fills all our hands with something valuable and that is what we use to serve Him. Thanks so much!

    • Isn’t it amazing how easily we allow others to make us feel empty-handed? I lived like that for so long. But God, He’s so different. He reminds us of the generosity poured over us and He reminds us, “You have something of value. Now, go ahead and give it away…” ❤

  3. Beautiful! Thanks Darlene. 🙂

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