The Bells Are Ringing {Count Those Blessings}

It’s coming. Just around the corner, I feel it coming.

The church bells, about a mile away, are ringing at this very moment.


How appropriate- that bells should ring. That all should stop and behold God’s story as it continues to unfold before us. When the enemy of our souls wants to shout in our ears, “Not good enough!”, that’s when we play our song, again and again on repeat, until all that remains in the echoing of the ding, dong…ding, dong…ding, dong.

Newsflash Satan, we’re not counting failures and disappointments. We’re not counting hurts and pain.

Instead, we choose to count all our blessings, one by one.

We’ll count all the moments God met us right where we were.

We’ll count all the times we were strengthened, in Christ, when all we wanted to do was give up.

And when we get tired of counting, we’ll count some more…

For all the prayers, encouragement, hugs, kisses, and love of all our brothers and sisters in Christ.

And we’ll keep counting… blessing by blessing.

The times God provided.

The times He comforted our pain.

The moments his Presence overwhelmed us with peace.

ding, dong… ding, dong…

A song of hope, faith, and indescribable gratitude for God’s goodness and providence.

We’ll do a praise dance over 2013 and step right into a new year aligned with God’s truth.

God is good. God is with us. God is for us. God absolutely loves us. 

Yes indeed, 2014, we are so ready for you!


As we head on into the new year, it will be a little quiet here on the blog. It’s a time for reflection and a time for preparation.  Be sure to sign up via email on the top sidebar so you don’t miss any new posts. You can also join me on FACEBOOK | TWITTER.


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