Wait {Everything Fits In At Last!}

Waiting. It’s what I spoke about yesterday morning. 

And then night-time came. I sat my little one down to read to her, Parables of Nature by Mrs. Alfred Gatty. It’s always a treat to hear what new lesson the animal in the story learns.

Tonight’s lesson began with…


“It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait.” Lam. iii. 26

And I hear the echoes. I read through and this part jumps off the page, searing through my heart… yes, yes, truth, beautiful truth!

Everything fits in at last, my friends! No cravings are given in vain. There is always something in store to account for them, you may be quite sure. You may  have to wait a bit—some of you a shorter, some a longer time; but do  wait—and everything will fit in and be perfect at last. (Parables of Nature, Waiting)


Photo Credit: Fulla T via Compfight cc

There are flesh cravings. These must be wrestled down. Always. 

However, soul cravings… they’re different. It’s this longing for something other. Something this world can’t satisfy. My friend, no cravings of the soul are given in vain. It’s not God’s pleasure to mock us as He dangles unattainable dreams and hopes before us.

Oh, this yearning after some other better state that lies unrevealed in the indefinite future—how restless and disheartening a sensation! Oh, this painful contrast of perfection in all created things around, to the lonely meditator on so much happiness, who is the solitary exception to the rule—how trying the position! How cruel, how almost overwhelming the struggle between the iron chain of reality and the soaring wing of aspiration! (Parables of Nature, Waiting)

No cravings of the soul are given in vain.

Believe, in spite of the impossible situation.

Hope, in spite of the hopeless circumstances.

Have faith, in spite of what you do not see.

Push against the current threatening to take you under.

Wait. Wait. Waitin Him.

Wait, my friend. In expectation. In anticipation.

Wait. In complete confidence in the One who’s working all things out for your good and His glory (Romans 8:28)!

To everything there is a season. “Everything will fit in and be perfect at last”!


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