Waiting {Because I Already Know What Comes After}

The screen sits blank for what seems like forever. There’s something about the blinking of a cursor that says, “Got Words? Got Words? Got Words?”

It’s what happens when I open Facebook, too. I’ve written status updates and erased them completely… because I don’t really need, or care, or even want to say that.

There are just times when all there is, is silence. Not a God’s-not-here-I-can’t-hear-him kind of silence. But instead, a God-is-most-definitely-here-and-my-words-seem-so-unnecessary-in-the-midst-of-such-holiness kind of silence.

It’s a waiting in my soul. Yet a desire to live awake right here. To move  purposefully, while waiting in the spirit. What an oxymoron. Movement in the midst of stillness. Movement in the midst of waiting. Movement in the midst of advent.

Because I know it already. And no one is able to strip me of the truth that’s driven itself deep into my heart and soul. God is with me.

Because I’ve lived it already. And no one is able to tell me otherwise. God always triumphs over evil!

Because I’ve been to the dark valleys and have returned with joy and a new song of praise… I will wait in expectancy.

Not for the blessing. Because I’m already blessed.

Not for the victory. Because God’s already proven victorious.

Not for the purpose of God. Because I’m already walking IN it.

I wait.

Because I’ve been here before, I know what comes after.

The Word becomes flesh. Glory unveiled before us.


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