Holy Moments Tucked Into Your Every-day-ordinary

It’s 9 o’clock at night at the time of this post.

I’m exhausted. There are crumbs beneath my flip-flops. I feel them with every step. I hate crumbs on the floor. The science book and binder rest on our dining room table, along with a pink doll car, a headband, a protractor, a paper hole punch, 2 half-filled mugs, several crumbled up napkins, 3 place-mats, a kindle, 2 scissors, a pencil box, and pens.

I squeezed out a small space at the right-hand corner of the table, where I sit with my laptop. I want to set the timer and do a quick 20-minute house blessing. But I can’t. I had to stop and document the blessings first. They’re personal, yet I share them openly here, because my heart goes out to the many whose light have dimmed leaving them unable to ‘see’ the blessings in their own lives. Perhaps they can be an encouragement for you today.

Between the Crumb-Filled Floors and Table Tops

Most days, the blessings are found between the crumb-filled floors and the messy table tops. Between the exhaustion and the weariness of a long day. Live In the Blessing, friend. There are holy moments tucked into your every-day-ordinary.

Tonight, I walked my daughter up to her room. We prayed, I tucked her in, and since I had a sore throat I asked her to sing our lullaby for the night. She looks at me and smiles, “Do you want Winter Winds or Give Thanks?

“Give thanks,” I responded.

We turned off the light and turned on her Ladybug nightlight. Click a button and immediately you’re beneath a star-filled sky. The moon hanging in the distance. She loves it.


Photo Credit: Anthony Citrano via Compfight cc

She’s snug in bed and I sit there. Inhale deep and then e x h a l e.

“Give thanks, with a grateful heart. Give thanks to the Holy One.

Give thanks, because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son.

And now, let the weak say I am strong. 

Let the poor say I am rich, 

Because of what the Lord has done…”

I sit there with eyes closed, reminded of words I read earlier this week in Ann Voskamp’s book, The Greatest Gift- Unveiling The Full Love Story Of Christmas“So the whirl can hush and the spin can slow because He will bless, and He will bless with Himself come down.  The present is His presence…” 

My little one repeats the chorus-

“And now, let the weak say I am strong. 

Let the poor say I am rich, 

Because of what the Lord has done…

Give thanks…”

Holy Moments Tucked Into Your Every-day-ordinary

Could this moment be any heavier with God’s holy presence?

“Sweety, you see all those stars?” I ask, pointing to her star-filled ceiling.

“That must have been what Abraham saw when God told him to look at the sky and count all the stars. Except there were so many more. And God told Abraham, “I will bless you”. And He tells us the same thing, “I will bless you”. Do you know how He blesses us each and every single moment of every single day?”

Her smile is huge now, “Jesus!!”

“Yes, that is absolutely right. Jesus Christ always with us. The Holy Spirit, never leaving us.”

I give her a kiss, and whisper truth into her soul that she might never forget it, “You are blessed!”

Yes indeed, holy moments tucked into our every-day-ordinary!


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  1. Beautiful! Focusing on the gift of Jesus, and how blessed we are with His presence is always so sweet, but incredibly so when we can share those moments with our children. And thank you for sharing such sweetness with us!

    • Thank you for stopping by {In Pursuit}, Heartfelt Reflections! Thank you for your kind words. It only amazes me how often I miss these moments because of hurriedness or busyness. It’s a reminder, for me also, to ‘see’ the holy moments tucked into my every-day-ordinary. Praying, you too, will experience them today, tomorrow, and always.

  2. This was a perfect read after a crazy, task filled weekend. I want/need to slow it down. To take in the grace surrounding me. Your words remind me to. Thanks.

    • seespeakhearmama, I’m so glad this page was a resting stop for you today! May God’s grace abound in your life and may He open your eyes to all those holy moments happening around you.

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