There’s Always a Choice {Hold Onto Your Birthright}

“Would you like eggs for breakfast?” I asked.

He looked at me slightly irritated. It was one of those weeks where the bacon and cheese was finished and the options for breakfast meals were slim.

“Do I have a choice?” he asked sarcastically.

“Of course you have a choice. There’s always a choice.” 


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How Would You Like Your Eggs?

I smiled, “Would you like scrambled eggs, sunny side up, hard boiled, nothing at all? There’s always a choice.”

He didn’t find my enthusiasm funny. He grabbed some english muffins for egg sandwiches (minus the bacon and cheese). I happily served them.

I leaned up against the chair in our dining room table, “Ever think about Esau selling his birthright for some stew?”

He nods his head ‘yes’, “What do you think about that?”

He picks up his egg sandwich. Taking a bite, still wearing the irritated look on his face, he says, “I think it was stupid.”

“I think it was stupid too, son. Especially since he knew how to cook a good stew. How do we know this? Because further down the line we see how Isaac sends for Esau to cook him one of his wonderful stews. Esau knew how to cook a good stew.

Yet he was impatient. He was famished with hunger and he chose what was in front of him, despising what was rightfully his. For a few minutes of satisfaction, he gave up his birthright without a fight.

There’s always a choice, Jay. You can choose frustration, irritation, and discontentment and satisfy it with complaining or you can choose thanksgiving and peace. Your birthright is God’s peace. God’s presence and goodness, right here, right now.” 


The Game Changer

See, we all can relate to Jacob sometimes. Jacob, the liar. Jacob, the deceiver. Jacob, the striver. The imposter. The impersonator. But you know, the more I thought about Esau that morning, the more I related to Esau.

My son was irritated that morning, and I understood how he felt.

It’s the same way I feel when I open up the fridge and pantry and see something other than what I actually want to eat. It’s the feeling we get when we open a closet and see the same clothes staring back at us. It’s the thief that comes to steal our fun when the money in our bank account starts getting low. It’s the same frustration that rises up when we look around and all we find are disappointments and roadblocks. It’s the irritation that creeps up sapping  us of our thanks-giving, robbing us of our joy, leaving us discontented.

Amazing, isn’t it? How some cheese and bacon can round off a sandwich, making it a good morning.

How a new outfit can give us a bounce in our step, making it a good morning.

How a paycheck deposited into our account instantly settles our anxiety, making it a good morning.

How one, little detail going in the opposite direction becomes a game changer. It changes our countenance, making it all ‘good’. And we’re thankful. And we’re ready to face the day.


There’s always a choice. A choice to instantly satisfy our hunger (the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life) or a choice to feed on the Bread of Life (John 6:35). As a child of God, this is your birthright. Completeness in Christ (Col. 2:10).

We’re created to live IN the Blessing. So why do we often look at our birthright and despise it? It’s not enough. He is not enough?


There’s Always A Choice

Might I suggest, there’s always a choice. Rather than reaching out for what will satisfy our frustrations, why not hold onto our birthright.

You can strive for the ‘blessings’ the world offers, or you can hold onto your birthright- every spiritual blessing in the heavily realms (Eph.3:3).

You can work for the approval and love of others, or you hold onto your birthright- Before he made the world, God loved you and chose you to be holy (Eph.3:4).

You can do what it takes to find fame and acceptance, or you can hold onto your birthright- God decided in advance to adopt you into his family, bringing you to himself (Eph.3:5.)

You can strive to make things happen, or you can hold onto your birthright- God’s glorious grace was poured out upon you (Eph.3:6).

You can be whom others want you to be that you may belong, or you can hold onto your birthright- You belong to Jesus (Eph.3:6).

Choose to wallow in your disappointments, or choose to hold onto your birthright- He is rich in kindness and grace towards you (Eph.3:7).

Choose condemnation, shame, and guilt or choose to hold onto your birthright- God purchased your freedom with the blood of Jesus and forgave your sins (Eph.3:7).

Choose confusion and despair, or choose to hold onto your birthright- He showered you with kindness, all wisdom, and understanding (Eph.3:8).

Choose the riches of this world, or choose to hold onto your birthright- Because we are united with Christ, you have received an inheritance from God (Eph.3:11).

Choose to make things happen at all cost, or hold onto your birthright- He makes everything work out according to His plan (Eph.3:11).

Choose addictions to fill your loneliness, or choose to hold onto your birthright- When you believed in Christ, He identified you as His own by giving you the Holy Spirit (Eph.3:13).

Choose anxiety, or choose to hold onto your birthright- the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:7). 

Choose fear, or choose to hold onto your birthright- power and of love and of a sound mind (2 Tim. 1:7).

There’s always a choice. Hold onto your birthright… and give thanks anyway!

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