Gifts of Hope {What’s In Your Sparkle Box?}

What's In Your Sparkle Box

The Sparkle Box… so simple, yet life changing. It still amazes me that a cardboard box, from the Dollar Store, could turn a stale and wearisome holiday into an oh-so-holy-night. 

Last December, my husband found out he would be laid off in January. All of a sudden the anxieties of the season were traded in for the Hope of our Savior. We began to fill the Sparkle Box with money throughout the month. Sometimes it was just spare change. Other times it was a couple of dollars. Everyone participated. No one was allowed to open the Sparkle Box until Christmas Eve.

That’s when the fun began. We sat with our catalogs deciding what our gift to Jesus would be. And oh, how we celebrated Jesus!

As this year comes to an end, here we are again. A new December. The stress of the holiday season comes rushing in. For some there is great loss and disappointment. For others there is uncertainty and instability. Others are in financial need, spiritual bankruptcy, mental disorder. And still others are weary and burdened.

It’s like a hound, sitting at the edge of your bed, waiting for you to open your eyes in the morning, “Surprise, I’m still here.” 

Cling to Hope

And all I want is to cling to the Hope I’ve found in Jesus time and time again.

This season. This time of celebration. This advent. This time of waiting. It reminds me of a time when there was nothing left to take and very little to give. It reminds me of a time when Christmas came to our home, untainted by the commercialism of our culture.

A Christmas where mom, dad, boys, and baby girl sat around a bare tree with nothing but a Sparkle Box.

This year, what if we take the Sparkle Box out again? Only this time, we’ll do it together.

Right here.

Give the Gift of Hope

What if we made the declaration: Jesus Christ is still the Hope of the season?!

What if we stopped looking at what we don’t have and instead, gave thanks for the Hope, which has already come? Immanuel, God with us.

What if we starved the frenzy and the chaos and instead took out our “cup of water” and our “jackets” and gave the gift of Hope to someone in need?

What if we open up the lid, look inside, and pour it all out on Jesus?

What’s In Your Sparkle Box?

This year you can partner with World Help to give the gift of Hope.


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  1. Our sparkle box, we call a Jesus Jar, which is really a red tin can. 🙂 But it has become my most favorite thing to do at Christmas time — using the money to buy Gifts of Hope. I love your heart, Darlene. You’re amazing. God is using you.

  2. The Salabarria’s are in! We are getting our box today!

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