Golden Grace Falling Down

I woke up with the wonderful idea to head down to the park for a walk. It was only 7:15 am. My daughter was still asleep. I could leave her with my husband and make it back in time before she woke up.

Grabbing the keys and heading out the door, I could feel the crisp air… a little too cold for my liking. Maybe I should just put on a workout video. “Come on Darlene. Just go for the walk.

Getting into the car, I drive the 5 minutes to the park. I look through the rearview mirror. No cars coming. I’m like a little girl, fascinated by a snow globe. Except I’m not 7 anymore and it’s not snowing. Instead, vibrant golden and crimson leaves are falling. It seems time stood still. It’s just me and my ’99 Honda in God’s gi-normous leaf-globe.

My childlike glee was interrupted when I caught sight of the car behind me. Let’s just say they weren’t amused or even aware they were in God’s giant leaf-globe.

Some people, I tell ya’! They just can’t ‘see‘.

Finally, I arrived at my destination and that’s when it happened. I hadn’t stepped on this holy ground for more than a minute when I knew this is exactly where God wants me.

How could a walk be so life-transforming? How could God use such simplicity to speak truths so deep into my soul?


There’s something about the tree. In its summer glory, it’s full and ripe with leaves and fruit. It bears seed. It nourishes and protects. It stands tall. Branches lifted high. Quite stately.


I pondered on how small I was in comparison to these enormous trees. And as I walked the trail I could not get over the beauty of God’s creation. All pointing back to the amazing creativity and beauty of the Creator.


With each step, the trail before me framed the inevitable. Autumn was here. Trees had to humble themselves and give way to the season. They had no choice.


The ground bears testimony of their submission. Golden grace falling down. Grace upon grace upon grace. Truth dives down deep, sinking it’s roots.

Every autumn, trees must surrender to the season.


These same branches which fiercely held on to their leaves during summer thunderstorms must now relinquish their glory. They must let go.  Their nakedness, their shape, their contours, their twisted and mangled branches now exposed.


As my walk comes to an end, I am struck with God’s truth. These trees are a giant testimony of God’s amazing faithfulness and provision. For centuries it’s been the same. Autumn arrives. Leaves fall. Trees remain bare in waiting.

Isn’t it funny? How we never freak out when this happens? We just know that in due season, these trees will begin to bloom again. We just know that in due season, God will provide the fruit. These trees will blossom.

Somehow, centuries of God’s faithfulness (even in nature) gets lost when put up against our current situation.

We doubt God will provide for us. 

We see the lack. We see things start to settle and resources dwindle. Anxiety overwhelms us. Fear consumes us. We fumble and panicking, we grasp for our fallen leaves. What a foolish attempt of holding on to a season God has declared over.

What if we surrendered to the process?

God doing a new thing.

Us trusting Him for this new thing.

What if we began to look at it all as golden grace falling down? Heaps of it. Grace upon grace upon grace.

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  1. Darlene,

    Once again your beautiful words have warmed my soul.
    You have such a gift and I thank you for sharing it.

    Many blessings,

    • Amy-Lee, thank you for your kind words. I came in from that walk and spilled out what I had just experienced to my husband. Every day He asks me, “Did you write about the golden leaves?” 🙂 I am so glad to hear how this post encouraged you today.



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