Looking In All The Wrong Places… {with Jenn Peterson}

I am so happy to sit back with you all to enjoy today’s guest post. What a treat!

Ya’ll I’m so delighted to introduce you to my sweet friend Jenn Peterson, from Running This Thing Called Life. Her words remind us of how our soul hungers and how we oftentimes seek in all the wrong places to fill that hunger. I’m sure Jenn’s post will bless you as much as it blessed me.

* * *

It was late in the afternoon.

The rain had just started, it wasn’t enough rain

to keep our indecisive dog from scratching at the back door to be let out.

This is what she does all day. In. Out.

I get up from the desk, a little irritated.

It’s the first time all day I have had peace to write.

Dinner was already on the stove.

Kids are in their rooms, supposed to be cleaning,

but we all know that they are playing.

And I am fine with that, sometimes you have to pick your battle.

Sitting back at the desk. I hear her.

Just above me.

I’m not sure what she is doing in her room, and I am quite certain

that I don’t want to know.

I try to block it out. All the toys throwing, her heaving sounds.

Until I just can’t take it anymore,

and I make my way up the stairs.

Upon opening her door, it is exactly as I imagined.

A mess.

(I am so thankful I said a prayer as I walked up the stairs.)

Every toy, every clothing item thrown around her room.

(My heart stopped for a second.)

“Madeline, what are you doing?”

She looks at me as if nothing is wrong with this.

“Mom, I am looking for my Barbie.”

“Madeline, it’s on the counter. In the kitchen under your coat.”


“It’s been there the whole time, this whole time you

were searching in the wrong place.”




And that’s the thing, we are all searching for something.

We want our lives and hearts to be filled like our bellies

at Christmas dinner.

When we have to unbutton our pants to make room for pumpkin pie.

We all want that full feeling.

The abundant life.

Most of us search our whole lives, and come up empty.

Because we search in the wrong place.

We fill our lives and hearts with money.

Success. Marriage. Friends. Kids.

Can I add, how many followers and blog post hits we get.

But none of it ever fills us.

The only thing that can fill us is Christ.

Only He can give us an abundant life.

And it is only when we stop searching and take a seat at His feet

that our lives and hearts become overflowing.

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Have you been looking in all the wrong places and coming up empty handed? Leave us a comment and let us know how it has looked for you. We’d love to pray with you.


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  1. Jenn is a favorite. Her words alway encourage and her online presence is a blessing to many.

  2. “Only He can give us an abundant life.” Amen! Such a beautiful and encouraging post my friend. Thank you. And thank you Darlene for hosting Jenn here.

  3. Hi Jennifer! I love how you pulled out a message from every day life. That’s my favorite thing to do.

    Your post is very good for me today. I am worrying about too many things, and not at rest. I suppose I am looking for answers in all the wrong places. God will show me where the hidden Barbie is when he is ready. Better to relax and clean up the mess!

  4. We are searching everywhere and meanwhile Jesus is just saying, Come to ME! Oh, if only we would find our rest in Him. Thanks for this beautiful post, Jennifer!!

  5. Amen my friend! So much Amen!

  6. Thank you friends for your sweet words and love. I know myself I find that I turn to God last and always wonder why I do that, when I know He is the only fulfillment I can get in life.

  7. Jenn, what a great reminder. Isn’t it interesting that even though we are left wanting by all of the things we chase after to fill us – we still continue to chase after them. Thank you for this gentle reminder of truth.

  8. Jenn, what a beautiful reminder of who it is that truly fills us, satisfies us. Thank you for sharing your heart. Love the lessons we learn from our children.

  9. Stephanie Andujar

    Jennifer, thanks for sharing this this post with us. It was a perfect example of what alot of us go through time and time again. My life gets so busy with many things. That I forget where to keep my focus. I wonder where is my peace and joy? Then I am reminded that it is through Jesus Christ our savior. Where it has always been.

    I’ve shared it on my facebook page, so that others can be blessed aswell. God bless you and Darlene for sharing. There is nothing like reading something that lifts our spirits and brings us closer to God. Thanks Again!

  10. Thank you Darlene for having me!! I find that in my own life that I look to fill myself up with things other than God, so thankful that God fills us and like you said patiently leads us back to Him.

  11. Jenn, I love this post. As a mom, I’ve had my own share of moments where I learn so much from my children. Not only do I understand the “Every toy, every clothing item thrown around her room.”, but also the urgency in their search. After all, it’s their favorite doll, right?!

    Oh, how often has it not been I who’s made a mess of things because I’m searching for something in the wrong place?! Thankful for a God who patiently leads us in the right direction. We are complete in Him and anywhere else we search, we’re sure to come up empty.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us today. I absolutely loved having you today! This post blessed my heart as I’m sure it will bless others…

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