31 Days {In Pursuit} Of Your Child’s Heart- Day 29

Day 29: Be A Gift-Finder {Then Call It Out}


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I’ve shared before about the labels I walked around with for years. Some I picked up along the way. Others, well, let’s just say  people walked up to me and tacked them on.

Them: There, wear that. It fits you well.

Me: Oh, no, you’ve got it all wrong. That doesn’t belong to me. 

Them: No, really. You must wear it. It is you. I’m absolutely sure of it. And I know best. THIS. IS. WHO. YOU. ARE.

How distressing for a young woman in her early 20’s. Trying to figure out who I was became a challenge, to say the least. I couldn’t hear what God was saying because all around me, voices influenced me. They spoke much louder.

Then it happened. One day I met a young man who was struggling with faith in a God he didn’t know. He had read The Confessions of Augustine and his world was turned upside down. Over a year of sharing about life and faith with him, he said words that have stuck with me through the years.

“You know Darlene, you have the gift of encouragement…”

I didn’t know what to say. I had never heard anyone call out of me something that felt so right… so true to who I was created to be.

My life was transformed. I found out this gift of encouragement was biblical (Romans 12:8) and it was a gift God wanted to use in me. It was something God gave me to pour out wherever He took me in life.

I often wonder how long I would have wandered around searching for something that was already within me? How long could I have searched for God’s purpose for my life without knowing He’d already equipped me?

Even more so, I wonder why so many men and women of God never called it out of me. I wonder why it took a young man searching for God to ‘see’ what others couldn’t.

Be A Gift Finder

It’s like that sometimes, isn’t it?

We’re so familiar with what’s in front of us, we don’t really ‘see’ anything special at all. What if we changed that? What if we became gift-finders? What if we looked at people and really ‘saw’ the amazing gifts God’s deposited in them? What if we began to call out the generous heart, the servant-leadership, the courage, the boldness, the faith.

What would it look like if we looked at our children and called out of them the beauty and the life-giving characteristics God’s placed within them?

Today’s Challenge

If you can’t see past your teenager’s bad attitude…

If you can’t see past your child’s terrible-twos…

If you can’t see past the messy rooms, the rebellious words, the challenging days…

Perhaps it’s time to ask God for a fresh perspective. Perhaps it’s time to ask God to help us see in them the treasure He’s placed within. And then, sweet gift-finder, call it out when you see it.

Call out the preacher.

Call out the evangelist.

Call out the pastor.

Call out the encourager.

Call out the prayer warrior.

Call out generosity.

Call out the heart of service.

Call out humility.

Call out patience.

Call out the God-fearing young man and woman.

Don’t let them walk through life always wondering, always wandering, always susceptible to labels put on them by others. Be the gift-finder then call it out.

Remember, your pursuit of their hearts always points them back to God.

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