31 Days {In Pursuit} Of Your Child’s Heart- Day 28

Day 28: Be Here Now


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I worked at a major telecommunications company for seven years. To understand and live out the company culture, I had to learn the values of the company. One of those values was: Be Here Now.

For years, this was ingrained into me… Be Here Now.

Any time I was working with a customer, it was expected that I’d respond to that customer’s needs by “Being Here Now”. It meant I wasn’t listening to them while texting on my phone or searching the internet for personal needs. It meant I wasn’t distracted by a book or a magazine. That customer had my full attention because as  an employee of said company, I would “Be Here Now”.

The customer on the other side of the telephone would not have to compete for my attention. They wouldn’t have to repeat the reason for their call.  By the end of our interaction, our customer would leave with a sense of satisfaction in the service they received. They would leave feeling valued.

Be Here Now

Almost 10 years later, those words still echo in my ears. Because at the end of the day, how much more important is to be here now for the people in my life? How much more important is it that my children, my husband, my family, and friends feel valued? And so, as I go in pursuit of their hearts, I’m reminded of the wisdom in the words I learned so many years ago.

When my children want to tell me about their day, Be Here Now. 

When they’re giving me hugs and kisses, Be Here Now. 

When they want to play, Be Here Now. 

When they aren’t feeling well, Be Here Now. 

When they’re sharing something important with me, Be Here Now. 

If we’re going to go {In Pursuit} of their hearts, we must learn to interact with them without the distractions. They must walk with the assurance and the confidence  that comes from knowing they are valued.

So go ahead, try saying it to yourself as you go through your day… Be Here Now.

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