31 Days {In Pursuit} Of Your Child’s Heart- Day 17

Day 17: Am I A Delight?

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I read somewhere something to the effect of, ‘no one should ever leave earth without knowing they were an absolute delight to somebody’. 

I’m sure I totally messed up the quote. But the idea stuck to me. I thought about my children and my husband. Do they know they are a delight to me? Between the frustrations, the exhaustion, and the daily grind, do my actions convey they’re a bother to me? Or do they convey how much I delight in them?

Today’s Challenge

Today’s challenge is simple. Look for opportunities to show your children how special they are to you. Seek opportunities to demonstrate how much delight they bring to your life.

If we’re going to walk {In Pursuit} of their hearts, they’ve got to know the answer to the question, “Am I a delight to anybody?” Don’t make them guess.

Let your actions and your speech be a loud, resounding, YES!

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