31 Days {In Pursuit} Of Your Child’s Heart- Day 16

Day 16: Look For The Glimpses Of God, They Are There!

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Yesterday was one of those day. You know, the days when you just need God to breathe into your life a breath of fresh air- The reassurance that comes from knowing you are exactly where He wants you.

The timer was set for my 20 minute cleaning challenge, which is just another fun way to motivate myself in the mornings. I washed the dishes, wiped counters, dusted the tables, swept. My 20 minutes were up, but I saw all the handprints on the television. How on earth do little hands get things so dirty?!

I took out the cleaner and wiped down the television. I looked to the side and saw the trail of fingerprints left on the glass door. Spray. Wipe. Spay. Wipe. Spray. Wipe.

All I could think was, “Lord, I know you called me here. I need to see You today.” Spray. Wipe. Spray. Wipe.

And then it was time for schooling.

Glimpses Of God

We sat down to read our word. She asks questions. I answer. She searches for understanding. I pray, “Lord, give me wisdom”. I teach. We pray. God is here.

We take out the book we’re reading through this week, The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz. The page is tabbed to where we finished our adventure the night before. I look up at her eyes filled with wonder as I read. God is here.

We sit down to do our Math work. “Let’s trade 10 pennies for 1 dime.” She smiles and gives me the pennies.

“Okay, here’s 43¢. What does that look like in dimes and pennies?”

She picks up several dimes and starts counting, “10, 20, 30, 40,” she picks up several pennies and continues counting, “41, 42, 43.” Her eyes light up and with the biggest smile she says, “There, 43¢.” 

The entire time I’m watching her and I can’t help but thank God for this opportunity to be here counting dimes and pennies. God is here.

It’s late evening, “Mommy, look. It’s the life-cyle of a frog.” Sure enough, a tiny drawing on a post-it. Eggs, tadpole, frog. She’s so excited. I take her drawing, this one goes in her Science notebook. She’s learning. God is here.

My son came in from school and my daughter ran to give him a hug (that alone is a miracle!). She wrote him a letter. He made jokes and made her laugh. They didn’t quarrel. There was no bickering. Alright? Where are my children and what have you done with them?!”  God is here.

And then I read this post and oh, how God ministered to my momma’s heart. I was encouraged in my pursuit to shepherd “these few sheep”.


Today’s Challenge

Read the post, “These Few Sheep“. Be encouraged.

Your job, sweet momma, is important. You are kingdom builders, culture shakers, history makers… don’t ever allow anyone or anything to make you think otherwise.

If we’re going {In Pursuit} of their hearts, we must understand the importance of our role. Look for the glimpses of God. They are there!

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