31 Days {In Pursuit} Of Your Child’s Heart- Day 8

Day 8: Observation

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My little one was reading a story, “I do not like this at all!” 

She reads it again, this time adding a serious tone while pointing her index-finger down. And she looks at me and laughs.

“(hahaha) This sounds just like you,” and she looks at me and does it again. I laughed. She is too darned cute and it totally sounded like me.

She sees me laugh and asks, “Was that funny?”

To which I replied, “Yes. It was funny and you’re right, it does sound like me.”

She laughed and kept doing it. And we, well, we sat there laughing together.


Observing her, I could tell her main goal was not to make fun of mommy. Instead, it was a sheer delight to be able to make mommy laugh. Rather than getting annoyed and rushing her to finish reading through the book, I had an opportunity to share this moment with her. Pursuing her heart in that moment meant holding off the rest of the story so that we could share a moment of laughter.

I took it all in. Her smile. Her sparkling, lit-up eyes, her dimples, and oh the sound of her belly laugh. There’s something about these moments that are holy. You’ve entered into a place of fellowship that few enter. There’s peace. There’s pure joy. Time seems to slow down and you’re able to enjoy the gifts God gives.

Today’s Challenge

Today’s challenge requires observation. What moves your children? What are they passionate about? What drives them? What fills them with absolute delight?

Observe. Take Notice. Be a student of your child.

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