31 Days {In Pursuit} Of Your Child’s Heart- Day 3

Day 3: Take Out The Grace Card


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“That they [the older women] may teach the young women….to love their children,” (Titus 2:4).

I find it interesting how Titus 2:4 exhorts the older women to teach the younger women to love their children. I mean, don’t we love them automatically? Isn’t that part of the package deal?

Perhaps the wisdom found in this verse comes from the knowledge and understanding an older woman gains from her years of experience. While we’re in the thick of the daily grind, it’s difficult to recognize these moments won’t last forever. An older woman, however, has the gift of perspective.

Yesterday we sat down and confronted the ugly. We took a good look at the distractions that divide our heart. We were honest with ourselves, we repented, and asked God to give us an undivided heart.

Take Out The Grace Card

Today, we’re taking out the grace card.

For all the times we put others or other things before our children.

For all the times we gave them a half-hearted ‘uh-huh’ because we were too busy feeding on our distractions.

For all the times they’ve wanted to play and we didn’t make the time.

For all the times they’ve wanted to talk and we just had to finish one. more. thing.

For all the mess-ups.

For all the times we fell short.

Take out the grace card.

Beneath The Skin And Bones

I know you love your precious ones. I know you’d give your life for them. I know you’ve sacrificed so much already. We’re not talking about a guilt-trip here. We’re talking about saying ‘no’ to the lie society has fed us. You know, we love our children by buying them what they want, letting them have their way, and doing all that other stuff that goes with it- like cleaning after them, cooking for them, and clothing them.

There’s more.

Beneath the skin and bones there’s a heart, a soul. Can we look long enough into their eyes to see that? Can we fix our eyes on them long enough to learn what moves them, what drives them, what fills them with delight? Because more often than not, these moments are interrupted by the dings and the bells going off all around us.

So, how about we change that? Let’s learn what the older women of Titus 2:4 knew, the days seem so long, but the years- they fly by. Make it count!

Today’s Challenge

We’ve looked at our distractions. We’re asking God for an undivided heart. Now what? Now we accept where we are. We can’t go back and change things, but we can impact today. We have a say for what tomorrow looks like.

Today, take out the grace card… because His grace is sufficient. Let His love wash over all the mess-ups, we’re wiping the slate clean. Then (and this one can be difficult) forgive yourself.

We’re {In Pursuit} of our child’s hearts. This is where it all begins.

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