31 Days {In Pursuit} Of Your Child’s Heart- Day 2

Day 2: An Undivided Heart


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If you’re here, it’s because you have the same longing in your heart. That pull and tug; the little, small voice whispering in your heart. It doesn’t allow you to settle in comfortably. It reminds you, there’s more to this {Mothering On Purpose} thing. It goes beyond the toys and the games. It’s a heart issue.

But before we jump into some practical ways to pursue the hearts of our precious ones, we must begin with us.

It’s easy to give you 10 tips for ‘winning your child’s heart’, but really what good would it do us? What we really need is an undivided heart. Because isn’t that the ugly truth?

Our hearts are divided.

There are so many voices fighting for our attention. From television, to Facebook, to Pinterest, and more… we are constantly being pulled in different directions.

Waiting, and Waiting, and Waiting

For years I’ve sat my children on the sidelines while I handled this or that. “Okay, sweetie, you sit right there while mommy does her homework… You be a good girl while mommy goes to work… I have to make this important phone call… I have to go to this important meeting, you stay right there quietly… Just one minute, almost done, will be finished in just a few minutes. After dinner… I just have to clean this really quick… Just one second…”

And all the while, they sit and they wait, and they wait, and they wait.

Saying “Yes”

Several years ago, I made an unpopular decision to say ‘no‘ to many things so that I could say ‘yes‘ to the hearts God has placed in my care. What does it matter if I gain the affections and approval of man and lose the hearts of my children?

See, I was working so hard to get others to approve of me. I wanted them to think I was good enough. I wanted them to think I was valuable. I wanted them to acknowledge me. I wanted them to notice me.

And all the while, my sons seek my advice and counsel. All the while, my daughter looks at me and says things like, “Mommy, you are the most amazing mommy in the whole entire world.” or “Mommy, you’re so funny!” or “Mommy, you are the best teacher.” or “Mommy, let’s play!

And it goes on and on. They smile at me. They love on me. They like me. They want to be with me. They think I’m important.

Oh, but this divided heart of mine says, ‘yeah, yeah, but I want them over there to notice me.’ 

How about we forget about them? Whoever they are.

How about we forget all the pursuits and endeavors, which make us feel important, so we can focus on what truly does matter?

Today’s Challenge

For today, we’re keeping it simple. (Simple’s good, eh?!)

Today we’re going to sit down and we’re going to look at the distractions that hinder us from going {In Pursuit} of our child’s heart.  Ask God to reveal to you areas of your life that are dividing your heart towards your children. Be honest with yourself. Name them (ex./ people, work, social media, ministry, perfectionism, selfishness, etc.), then write them down.

Momma, we can’t fix what we can’t identify. You and me, we’re asking God for undivided hearts. Hearts that lean towards our children rather than the things of this world. For the next 31 days (and beyond), we’re going {In Pursuit} of our child’s heart. 

Are you ready? Fantastic! This journey is so much more encouraging when we cheer each other on.

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