The Internet {How To Safeguard Our Homes}

One of the major challenges of living in the Internet age is the amount of information our children are bombarded with. Sadly much of that information is tainted with sexual content beyond their years. Don’t believe me? Check out the experiment that convinced an ex-magazine editor about the “pernicious threat” our children are facing today.

It’s important we stop avoiding the overwhelming facts and begin having the tough conversations. Then take some proactive steps to safeguard our homes.

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Start Early

The world is constantly throwing images and ideas at our children. The enemy doesn’t discriminate according to age. We must be vigilant and proactive. Begin having the conversations about modesty and “respecting our bodies” early on. I know it can be difficult. But teaching our children what’s appropriate and inappropriate is absolutely necessary.

Teach Them How To Live In A Sexualized Culture

When our boys were young, we began to teach them the differences between our culture’s view on sex and sexuality and God’s ways. By outlining God’s truths, we’ve set a foundation they can build on.

Some things to teach them:

  • God’s boundaries based on His love for them.
  • How to make their eyes bounce off to something else when they see inappropriate content, ads, billboards, etc.
  • Consequences of sex outside of marriage.
  • God’s view of sex. Sex within God’s boundaries is a good thing.

Teach Them How To Use The Internet Wisely

Learning technical skills is a must in today’s culture. We’d be doing our children a disservice if we keep them from learning how to navigate and use the Internet wisely. Teach them accountability.

Some ideas include:

  • Use of Internet when others are around.
  • Computers only in family room.
  • Time Limits (no Internet usage between specific times).
  • No social media accounts without parental permission (parent has complete access to accounts).
  • Talk about pornographic content and damage it causes.
  • Set up filters.
  • If they access an inappropriate site accidentally, they must report it to parent.

Protect Your Family

We can’t watch over every click our children make while on the computer, but we can set up preventive measures to keep our children safe. Filtering software is one way to do this.

There are many software programs to choose from.  One I can speak of is Covenant Eyes [affiliate link]. I’ve had the awesome opportunity of reviewing this premier accountability and filtering software in the Christian market. They are passionate about helping families develop a culture of accountability in the home. The founder invented the idea of internet accountability and paved the way for this software because he saw a need for it in his own home.

Covenant eyes offers internet accountability and internet filtering.


One of my favorite features is the accountability feature. It allows you choose someone to be accountable to. That person gets a list of all the sites you’ve visited. This works great with the teens. You can sit together and go through the content they’ve surfed and talk about anything that looks questionable or compromising.

Want to find out more information? Head on over to their website and get your free ebooks on a number of topics such as: family protection, pornography use and recovery, and church resources. As a matter of fact, Covenant Eyes is offering our readers one month free trial. Click {here} and check it out for yourself today.

We can’t always control what our children will see. However, by educating them and taking preventive measures like installing filtering software, we are better able to safeguard our homes.


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