Turning Off The Noise {“Like” What Really Matters}

You could be anywhere you want to be right now. Yet you’re here.

I still find it difficult to believe people come back to this little corner day after day. It’s really quite humbling.

Days like today, I am reminded of the responsibility I have. As a mama trying to manage the work before me, I am so very aware how easy it is to be distracted. We’re glued to distractions that hold no eternal value. Life continues to slip through our fingers, while the ‘living’ that does matter is put on hold.

For today sweet mama, turn off the noise and turn up the volume on what’s in front of you. Because those little ones and that honey of yours need you.

For today papa, those little ones and that wife of your youth need you.

So go ahead. Make it a great one. Engage in the life God’s blessed you with.

For today, why not stop looking for statuses to “Like” and instead look for the blessings in front of you and hit “Love!”

Turning off the noise today to “Like” what really matters,



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