A Display Of God’s Care {A Journey To Live Life Awake and A Giveaway!}

I’m not sure why things happen the way they do. I get to hold a precious, healthy baby in my arms while other mommas long for the same. I get to watch my daughter grow, and play, and laugh, and learn, while other mommas don’t.

What a conflict. Do we hide the blessings God’s given us that others would not be offended? In the name of “declaring the goodness of the Lord” over our lives, do we smother our blessings in people’s faces, suffocating those whose pain is so deep they can barely catch their breath?


I watch my baby girl grow, and I can’t help but be thankful. But what does one do when they stand face-to-face with the momma whose daughter was molested and raped? What does one do when they look into the eyes of the momma who can’t feed her child?


Does my blessing mean that God loves her any less? Does my blessing mean that God has forgotten her? Does my provision mean that God’s favor and blessing is simply upon me? What about them?


I get to watch her grow. Some mommas have no choice but to watch their little ones die. I get to watch her dance and laugh. Some children don’t even have the strength to get up and walk.


Perhaps this conflict inside of me is not so much a guild-trip from God, but rather a glimpse into what I can offer to others.

In her book, AWAKE, Noel Yeatts talks about the many issues women are up against- poverty, HIV/AIDS, rape, gender discrimination, trafficking, maternal health, and lack of education. As I read some of the horrible situations women are up against, I hear my daughter playing in the background.

Can I, can we, take our blessings and rather than hold on tightly enjoying them to ourselves… can we desire the same for others?


Perhaps you’ve been blessed with an awesome marriage, godly children, financial stability, peace, joy, health, salvation… but what about them?

AWAKE, reminds me that God is not looking to guilt me. Instead, He’s asking for a response, compassion. It’s what Jesus had when He saw the multitude. He “saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them” (Matthew 14:14).

Can I take my blessing, whatever it may be, and can I desire that same peace and joy for someone else?

Can I have compassion for the mom whose heart is breaking? Can I respond? Because ultimately, I want her to experience the joy that comes from knowing God is good and He is good over our lives.


This is just one of many examples. There have been other situations where I’ve been on the other side of the equation. Financial hardship, layoffs, hospitalizations, and a house fire (to name a few). In those times, it was I who needed the arms of others wrapped around my shoulders. Those times, it was I who needed someone to just sit with me. Those times, it was I who needed the body of Christ, not to feel guilty about their blessings, but to desire for me that security and assurance that God was still with me and that He was good over our lives. Years later, it was the compassion of many, a display of the goodness and faithfulness of God in my life, that helped me to ‘see’ God in spite of my situation.

I want to be that compassion-filled person, helping to carry burdens, helping to heal the brokenhearted, helping to display the evidence of God’s care for us, all of us.

An Invitation From The Author

It’s the “Awake Book Re-Launch Week”. And now, if you’re willing to go deeper, we’d love to extend an invitation from Noel and Michele-Lyn.

This week, through the help of my good friend and fellow World Help blogger Michele-Lyn, we are re-launching Awake and starting an online book study today . . . a journey to live fully awake. If you have not signed up to be a part of this incredible journey, it’s not too late. You can get started right away by downloading the first two chapters for free.

It will be 6 Sessions: September 20th-October 25th. To RSVP for Online Study: Click Here. Then join Awake Study Facebook Group: Click Here, and don’t forget to link to your free Study Guide: Click Here. I hope to see you there!

Get Your Copy and a GIVEAWAY!

You can get your copy of AWAKE just in time for the online book study. (Amazon is having great deal on it right now, $2.99) [affiliate link]. Want to take a sneak peek at the book first? Simply sign up on Noel’s blog and she’ll send you the first 2 chapters for free.

Find out more about Noel by following her Blog + Facebook Twitter. Check out these videos and photos to get an up-close look.

Noel was so gracious to offer one of my readers a signed hardcopy of AWAKE. Simply enter our GIVEAWAY by leaving a comment. Let us know what has hindered you from stepping out to make a difference or what inspires you to action. *(Giveaway ends September 13th.)

Would you like to join a community of storytellers, using their voice to help change the world? 

Become a World Help Blogger. Find more information here. Then sign-up here#WHBLOGGERS  A group of us will be sharing stories this week about the book, find out more by following the Hashtag: #AwakeBook.

Sharing the blessings of God with His people,



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  1. Great post Darlene and wonderful reminder that it is not about guilt … its about compassion!

    • Noel, thanks for stopping by {In Pursuit}. I know what it’s like to live a guilt driven life. I love how your book takes us back to the heart of God. Showing compassion to the ones he places in front of us. Thank you for sharing this much needed message with us. The message of being moved by love and compassion…

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