Impressions by Jason Collazo

I am so proud to share with you my husband’s work. I might be biased, but I think his pyrographed piece are absolutely gorgeous!

Pyrography is simply the art of burning images and portraits onto wood with a heated tool.

For years, he’s created these as a hobby and as gifts for others. Now it’s time to share the gift. Head on over to his Facebook page to check out his album. Don’t forget to “LIKE” and share 😉

And if you’re interested in a custom print yourself, be sure to contact us.

Cover Photo

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog (top-right sidebar). We will be moving to a new address on the web and when we launch the new site, Jason will be giving away a custom piece to one of our lucky subscribers!! Will it be you?!


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  1. I’m the lucky winner! I already have the picture ready! Lol….. Jason’s work is amazing! I’m glad he is finally putting it out there!

  2. Yes, its me!!!!!!!! Lol

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