3 Steps To Loosen Fears Grip Over Your Life

I sat there in silence. I had no audible words, yet a thunderous roar of emotions welled up inside of me. I felt my heart shaken. The knot in my chest traveled up to my throat until it physically hurt. Without inviting them to the conversation, tears filled my eyes.

In an effort to stop them from running their course, I opened my eyes wider, breathed deeply, and swallowed that knot in my throat.  With all my might, I pushed it down to the pit of my stomach.

Because life gets gritty sometimes, doesn’t it?

Audacious faith, 001

There are moments when tears wash up the residue of brokenness in our lives. On these moments, crying is good. It’s cleansing.  God’s river of life flow through our pain bringing healing.

But then there are times when the enemy launches war and fear becomes so intimidating it threatens to crush you. That’s what hit me that day on the couch. Fear.

It may look differently for you, but the enemy’s song is always the same…. What if?

What if God doesn’t show up?

What if you lose your job?

What if you lose your home?

What if the doctor’s report is deadly?

What if your children don’t serve the Lord?

What if…

The sting of fear brought tears to my eyes within seconds. But when I breathed in deeply and remembered the God I serve, faith built up inside of me and my heart steadied.

In his sermon, Room 101, Pastor Steven Furtick gives us three ways to loosen the grip of fear upon our lives. They were so helpful and practical I wanted to share them with you. You can watch his series {here}.

What If…

When the enemy plays his ‘what if?‘ song, don’t keep playing it over and over.

That Would…

Instead, change the track to ‘that would‘. We’re usually paralyzed by fear because we are afraid of something that might happen. Without even knowing how things will end up, we allow fear to stagnate us. Play the ‘that would‘ track all the way through.

If I lost my child, that would be the most terrible day of my life.

If I lost my job, that would be scary. It would be the most devastating day for our family.

Play the song out to the end.

God Is…

The last step is to change the track once more.

What if?

That would…

But God is…

God is faithful. God is my provider. God is my comfort. God is my protector. God is my sustenance. God is my source. God is my portion. God is my healer. God is my strong tower. God is…

It’s time to live our lives with audacious faith in our great and mighty God. That thing the enemy is using to distract and detain you is not as scary as it looks like. God is able. Keeping our eyes fixed on him will loosen the grip of fear over our lives.

Are you ready? Do you have a fear that has held you down? Play this all the way through.

What if?

That would…

But God is…

Q: What fear has held you hostage? I want to help pray you through it!  Share by leaving a comment below or on my Facebook page. I want to hear from you. My friend, you are not alone.

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