You’re Welcome Here {With Or Without Your Spandex}

Hi. My name is Darlene.

It means ‘dearling’ or ‘darling’ which means to be dearly loved. The truth is. I’ve often felt quite the opposite, unloved. For years there’s been an uncomfortable feeling of “you don’t belong“. It didn’t matter much if it was the truth. It’s became my truth.

And that’s the problem isn’t it? 

happy birthday InPursuit

We begin to see things through our distorted paradigms and we no longer know what’s real.

{In Pursuit} became about standing up to the taunting lies of the enemy, “You’ll never amount to anything”, “You have nothing worth saying so stop speaking, no one’s listening”, “You have nothing to offer”.

It was birthed out of desire within me- that part of Darlene which courageously and fearlessly countered the lies of the enemy…

“You are loved. Dearly and perfectly loved. You are enough.”

It is here where I began to fiercely run with all my might, and without hesitation I began to leap over hurdles so high I wasn’t sure I’d land on the other side.

I pushed through obstacles with all my might- sometimes with excitement, but more often than not, with what seemed like torrential tears, blurring the steps before me.

It became about living a life in pursuit of God and the abundance He predestined for me, and then sharing that with you in hopes that you would see what I see.

You are beautiful. You are dearly loved. And God has an amazing plan for your life. You are part of His amazing story.

And so, in the words of  author Shauna Niequist, “Let’s stop being people who are secretly competing while pretending to be friends.”

You are welcome here-

Without your cheering crowd and all your accolades.

Without a full face of make-up and without your spandex.

Without your bravado attitude. Without your facade.

You are safe here.

You don’t have to pretend here.

There is no competition here.

Friend, you are welcome here.

So come often. Stay a while. Together we are {In Pursuit} of God and the abundant life He has for us.

With much love,



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  1. I’m new here… but loved your inviting words. At 64 it’s hard to find a place …..seems most places are for the younger women but I believe you will welcome the young at heart, too.

    • Absolutely Susan! You are most welcome here. Between you and I, I think I’m an ‘old soul’ 😉 I agree there’s much out there for the younger woman. However, I absolutely believe that in God’s eyes age doesn’t matter. There’s just as much purpose for your life as there is for mine. Would love to know what issues or concerns you find yourself having in this season of your life. I believe the younger woman could learn a lot from those who’ve gone before her.
      Welcome. Looking forward to knowing you.

  2. Happy birthday to In Pursuit, Darlene. This warmed my heart this morning. Thank you for your warm and loving heart.
    Much love,

  3. That’s why I always come back here… “In Pursuit” has been a place where I feel safe to be me, where I get encouragement because I read things that have crossed my mind or I have encountered in my daily life and see that there is hope of moving forward. Thank you my darling for being obedient to what God has placed in your heart and for doing it with such an excellent spirit.
    Happy birthday In Persuit, may this year be a year of fresh word, Im sticking with you on this journey…

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