Eyes To See, Ears To Hear {God Continues To Whisper}

For years I questioned, “God, do you even ‘see’ me?”

Imagine that. The God who created the eye not being able to see.

Our hearts are like that. We get so irrational, especially when life gets messy. We close our ears and harden our hearts and all the while He’s speaking, wooing us, loving on us.

While we question if He sees us, it’s really us the ones who, having eyes, are unable to ‘see’.

Mom gave me this 31 day calendar, filled with God’s promises, when I was a teen. It’s worn. Yet still, it sits on my kitchen windowsill reminding me to hold on to the promises of God over my life. And here, the promise of Psalm 46 continuously spoke to me… yet I was not listening. 


Then It Happened

Then, I had one of those earth-gives-way-mountains-falling-into-the-heart-of-sea experiences. God brought this verse to remembrance.

Time and time again, when I’ve been in chaotic and seemingly catastrophic situations, God whispers. God echoes His promises to me.

Underlined and circled in many of my different Bibles throughout the years, His word speaking to me…until it’s become engraved in the tablets of my heart. God is present. He is here.


And this morning while in prayer with quiet music in the background, I was hushed silent by the words in the song, “Be still. Be Still. Be Still. Be Still. Be Still. Be Still. Though the earth be removed and the mountains fall into the sea, do not fear. I am with you.”

God’s whispers, yet again.

I picked up a Spanish Bible my mom gave me on my 11th birthday. I opened it and I saw a scripture I highlighted with my orange color-pencil when I was a little girl, Psalm 46.

And in that moment I realized God has breathed this word into my life since I was a little girl. I now have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Lord is speaking.

His Promises For You

My friend, God’s promises are available for you too!

Have you been listening? Are there whispers God has continuously spoken into your life?


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  1. Thanks for writing this. It was an encouragement to me.

    • Thanks for stopping by Tammy. So glad to hear you were able to find encouragement in this little space of the web. It’s my hope that everyone who stops by leaves feeling encouraged and loved by God 🙂

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