The Law of Consistency {The List of 5}

 Some days Sandy woke up feeling refreshed, renewed, and quite motivated. Days such as these felt so productive. She loved it. She felt as though she were on top of the world, invincible!

Other days, the uphill battle was so discouraging, she’d throw in the towel, “I’m never going to be able to do this!”  

Sandy was tired of living this way. She was going nowhere fast. She worked very hard to promote change in her life, yet the opposite occurred. The sands of her life passed through the hourglass and Sandy was left feeling frustrated. How did she get this old and still have nothing to show for it?

 Oh sweet Sandy, you have such a brave heart, a steadfast spirit. You’re  a determined individual with so much fight in you. I’ve seen you get up, brush the dust off your shoulders and keep moving. You are a remarkable person. You truly are. 

 So why all the frustration? Perhaps the problem lies in your execution. 

Tree Trunk

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The Law Of Consistency

Here’s a little something I believe will work wonders. It’s what John Maxwell calls, “The Law of Consistency”. Emotions and feelings are a funny thing. They don’t always show up at the opportune moment, leaving us dragging through our daily responsibilities. They’re not always always dependable.

So let’s just settle this now. It’s not about how you feel! It’s not about how I feel. 

“Motivation gets you going. Discipline keeps you going,” (John Maxwell).

The List of 5

John shares a story of a man going out to cut down a tree. He swings his ax 5 times every single morning, then heads off. Every day he grabs his ax. Every day he swings at the tree. Every day he gives 5 good hits and then goes home.

What do you think will happen to that tree eventually? 

If you guessed the tree will fall, you guessed correct.

The same is true in our lives. Consistency will do more for us than sloppy half-hearted, emotion-led service. Working hard one day while slacking the next is un-fulfilling, to say the least. We become fatigued easily and sometimes, many times, we throw in the ax before we’ve cut down the tree.

We get frustrated and we give up.

The size of the tree here is not the problem. It could be a small tree or a huge tree. The Law of Consistency states that if you’re consistent, eventually the tree will come down. The problem lies in our execution.

Today’s Challenge:

Questions: What if we gave 5 good hits each day?  What is your List of 5? What 5 things can you do today (and every day after) which will dramatically impact your life and its outcome?  If you’re ready to turn motivation into consistency and discipline, leave me a comment below, or on my Facebook page. I want to know what’s on your List of 5.

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