The Gap {Give Up, Pretend It’s Not There, Get Help OR…}

Josh was awfully excited about the journey laid out before him. He had dreams, he had goals, he was ready for change. There was, however, one miniscule problem, (okay, okay, it was a huge problem!)…

Josh didn’t know how to get from here to there. He didn’t have the resources or the know-how. 

Between his reality and the reality he wanted to live, an enormous gap lay, contemptuously mocking Josh for dreaming.

 If you’ve ever felt like Josh-

You’ve Got A Few Options

  • Give up. The gap is too big, you’ll never make it across.
  • Pretend the gap is not there, take a huge leap and fall flat on your face.
  • Seek help from others and hope they’ll be available.

Or… and this is a BIG ‘OR’

Seek The Favor And Presence Of God

Can I encourage Josh…and maybe you too?

Maybe, the reason you can’t find the mentorship you so badly desire is because that person you’re looking to is not the answer. Some people cannot, or aren’t willing, to give what we expect.

Can I challenge you to drop the expectations?

What if you released that person from the expectations you have of them and instead sought the favor and Presence of God?


Pastor Steven Furtick blessed me with a story he shared in one of his messages. When he was first building his church, he sought out mentors, several of them. For whatever reason, although they were nice to him, things never worked out. He was looking for someone to stand with him, guide him, and encourage him on this new journey. Yet he found himself alone, questioning if God was even in this new endeavor of His.

When sharing his heart with his wife, Holly, she looked at him and said, “God’s not going to give you the kind of help you’re asking for because He wants to give you more help than any human can give you. He, Himself, wants to be your source.”

Now don’t misinterpret me. I’m not suggesting we don’t need people to impart into our lives. God created us for community and fellowship. Don’t go updating your Facebook status saying ‘Darlene said we don’t need anyone!!‘ Don’t crucify me up there like that. Calm down long enough to hear what I AM saying.

Today’s Challenge:

Instead, I’m challenging you to stop wanting others to fill a need in your life that only God can fill. Stop wanting others to be for you what only God can be. Stop wanting others to approve of you the way only God can.

As Josh, you, and I stand, facing that enormous gap between our reality and the reality we wish to live- let us say like the Psalmist said, “Lord, You are my portion!” (Psalm 119:57). You are our source.

And on the other side of that gap, my friend, only He will get the glory!

Don’t give up. “Your help comes from the Lord!” (Psalm 121:2).

Question: Have you been expecting help from others and been left feeling disappointed? Are you ready to change your focus to God, your Source? If that’s you, leave me a comment below, or on my Facebook page. I want to cheer you on because I know that with God as your Source, you will make it to the other side of that gap!

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  1. I loved reading and am grateful for this post. I wrote recently about my newbie blogging adventure and how it feels to flounder around in the blogosphere with little direction. In my “perfect” world veteran bloggers would reach bag to guide or teach. Quite honestly I was feeling a little burnt – comments I’ve left remaining unanswered, someone I really admire unsubscribing to my blog..(.way too sensitive …I know). I was reminded that God alone gave me the vision to start my blog and He will see it through. Period. And like you said so well in this post: ” Stop wanting others to be for you what only God can be. Stop wanting others to approve of you the way only God can.” Shift the focus back toGod. Amen.

    • seespeakhearmama, I can relate to the ‘hopig veteran bloggers would reach out… but let me encourage you. When I first started I had 7 subscribers. I would pour my heart out and there were no comments and seven subscribers (mostly friends of mine and a sister). Some days I would get discouraged and think, what is the point of my effort? I felt God saying, “Darlene, can you be faithful with 7?” Because those 7 people of the other side of the screen were souls who gave of their precious time to show up here. How could I not value that? How could I ignore those 7? As time went by and the subscriber count went up, I still had discouraging days, but the Holy Spirit would gently whisper, “Can you be faithful with 25?”, “With 40?”, “With 50?”, “How about 100?”
      Every day, I show up with that thought. Can I be faithful with the little that God would entrust to me the true riches. God will bring whomever needs to read what I write. I’m sure of it. And He will do the same for you. Even if it’s one person. That one person makes it all worth it. Keep serving God with your gift. Lean on Him for strength. He is most definitely your Source! Be blessed on your writing journey!

  2. Amen! God wants to be in the center where everything departs from him. Some times we get so wrapt around one person that we forget that God should be #1 in our lives so then The Lord needs to let things that disappoint us happen in our lives so we can refocus and look at him.

    • Exactly, Rachel! When I am disappointed by someone I remind myself that they are human, that only God belongs on the altar, and that, I too, have disappointed others. It helps me to focus my heart on the right thing… It’s not always easy to do, but we have to submit every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and keep it moving!

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