Creativity {Get The Wisdom, Knowledge, Skill and Ability Needed To Get The Job Done}

There was a job to do. Not just any job, but one that would entail all the details in building a tabernacle that would house the Presence of God.

Imagine that. A God who cannot be contained, willing to be housed within the parameters of a tabernacle- simply to be near His chosen people. Men with skills and abilities, given by God, were called. Imagine being in that line-up.

Would you be scared?

Would you be intimidated?

Would you be excited?


These chapters found in Exodus 35 and 36 rocked my world. I’ve read them before, but this time I was jolted out of my complacency, and bombarded with hope. I had just finished asking God something very specific and here God lines it up for me by His word.

  1. God filled me with the Holy Spirit.
  2. All skill comes from God.
  3. All abilities come from God. 
  4. All knowledge comes from God.
  5. All understanding comes from God.
  6. All these have been given to me to make artistic designs.
  7. He provides all I need to complete the work He commanded me.
  8. Praise Dance {This is where limitations come tumbling down. Old paradigms are broken, and I have nothing but a praise and worship to lift up!}

Operating Under This Truth

Some of us are good at writing. Others at designing. Others at serving, administration, speaking, organizing, photographing, fill in the blank with your ability and skill.

What would happen if rather than show up and perform, we’d show up with the understanding that within us is the Holy Spirit at work? All the skill, ability, and knowledge necessary to complete the work God commanded has been provided. 

What would things look like if I, if we, operated under this truth.

Competition, jealousy, striving, and pride would be removed from the picture because we understand that both the work to create and the ability, knowledge, and skills necessary come from God, for God; Each of us being endowed exactly with what we need to get the task done.

Living Life -with a heart- Fully Committed

Could {Living Life -with a heart- Fully Committed} to God look like this?

  • God gives us work to do.
  • He gives us the Holy Spirit, skills, knowledge, and ability to do the work.
  • Because our pursuits and endeavors align themselves with God’s dreams for our lives, we  say, “Yes, Lord. Here I am!” with confidence that He will see us through.
  • We show up to do the work (completely dependent on Him).
  • We are fulfilled because we are operating in our gifts.
  • God gets the glory.

Today’s Challenge:

Maybe you don’t think you’ve been chosen and gifted with artistic or creative abilities such as writing, painting, designing, etc. However, we’re all given a gift. Not one that comes from our own ‘amazingness‘, but instead, one that has been specifically granted for the purpose of completing the work God has for you.

Question: When looking back at your life, what skills or abilities do you find? What talents and gifts do you see? How can you use them to accomplish the work God has commanded you to do? 

Leave me a comment below, or on my Facebook page,  I want to hear all about it! I am so excited to hear how God is using creativity in your life to fulfill His purposes!

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