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It’s called 5 Minute Friday’s.

It’s a group of writers, who after receiving a word prompt, have 5 minutes to write. Lisa-Jo Baker challenges us to write for 5 minutes with no grammar rules, no editing, just set the timer and Go! Want to join us? Find out how, {here}.

Here I….



This week, while journaling, it hit me that May is almost over. This of course means that June is right around the bend. As I pondered the struggles, setbacks, and difficulties of 2013, I was reminded of the mission we’ve embarked on this year- {Living Life -with a heart- Fully Committed} to God.

How has it gone for you?

For me- it’s been exhausting.

Challenge after challenge has presented itself and I’ve often felt like that trailblazer trying to blaze a trail in the thick jungles of the Amazon. From every angle there are possible threats and dangers, yet I take the machete in hand and continue to cut down trees, branches, vines, and everything else that gets in the way. I know that on the other side there is a clearance. If I can just find the strength to keep swinging that machete. If I can just find the courage to keep moving in spite of the things that threaten.

Times like this my soul sings out, “His grace is sufficient.”

And so, with that song, I am taking a sabbatical break this coming week. Because from down here, I can’t see which way is which. I need to know His direction. I need to see the trail from His view. He’s my compass. He knows the direction in which I need to continue moving. He knows the dangers and the threats that surround. And more than anything else, He knows the plan for my life.

I trust His view is a lot clearer than what I can see from down here.


My five minutes are up, but I wanted to add that as we get ready to enter into a new month, June… for me it’s time to do my Quarterly evaluation. I won’t be posting next week as I will be spending time wrapping up our Kindergarten homeschooling year (it’s the last week of school for us!!), and seeking God’s direction for this next quarter of the year.

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  1. love this and sometimes we gotta take a break ( dont be gone long, I’ll miss you) to get the answers we need or the peace, I know I felt I needed to change things in my blog, still working on them, but I have such a peace about it, it’s crazy, praying for you!! Love you

    • Hi Jenn! My homeschool calendar year is set up for 6 weeks of schooling followed by a 1 week break. Those chunks seem much more manageable. Thinking of implementing that here too, on the blog. Looking for ways to implement Sabbath rest and margin into my life. Plus it helps you to order your steps more consistently. You’re able to look at the last 6 weeks and see all that went right. Celebrate those accomplishments….But you can also take a good look at what didn’t work, what needs to be tweaked, and what needs to change altogether. Thank you for your prayers, they are greatly appreciated 🙂

  2. His grace IS sufficient. I’ve learned this year to take the grace He freely gives.It’s something I have to practice as my default is feeling guilty.

    • Yes. Amy, totally dependent on God and soaking in His grace… I’ve often felt guilty too. I am learning to take this to the Lord and asking him to sort through any erroneous thinking. Then continue to operate in faith knowing God loves me period. I don’t need to do anything to earn it.

  3. Thank you for writing. I appreciate your thoughts of strength, courage and grace. I will pray that for you today. Congratulations on finishing hs kindergarten! Enjoy the journey.

  4. Appreciate your sharing.

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