31 Days To Clean {Day 12: Things We All Have In Common- Imperfection}

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We’re living {Living Life Fully Committed}. The focus right now? Our homes.

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Just joining us? We are now on Day 12 of Sarah Mae’s e-Book, 31 Days To Clean She takes us through Spring cleaning (or anytime cleaning) in simple manageable steps. If you missed any of the posts in this series, you can find them all {here}.

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Won’t you join us?

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Your worth does not lie in your ability to clean well; your worth and value lie in Christ alone. 

(Sarah Mae)

Let’s begin there. Because there is where many of us have found ourselves. It’s that place where we compare how we do things to how others do them. We compare our clothes, our houses, our cooking, our cleaning… and everything else in between.

I’m not sure how a little girl who doesn’t really care if her shirt matches her socks grows up into a woman whose insecurities cause her to compare absolutely everything. Somewhere along the line, someone made her feel as though she weren’t good enough.

Dear friend,

We all have this one thing in common- we are all imperfect. In and of ourselves, we could never do the simplest of things.

But can I share with you-

God loves YOU. Yes, even the messy you who can’t figure out how to keep her house in order.

You. The insecure woman who doesn’t feel she could match up to anyone around her.

You. The embarrassed woman who hasn’t figured out how ingredients function in the kitchen.

You. The exhausted and fatigue woman who doesn’t have the energy to manage her home.

You. All of you who continuously struggle with feelings of inadequacies, shame, and guilt.

Us. God loves us.

Don’t Allow Imperfection To Stagnate You

Philippians 1:6, says, “being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ…”

Walk in confidence knowing that God began a work in you the moment you said “Yes” to Jesus. That work, my friend, is a work in progress. The Holy Spirit continues to mold you into the image of Christ, and one day you will wake up in His likeness.

As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness;
I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness.

(Psalm 17:15, NKJV)

So while you wait, don’t allow imperfection to stagnate you.

Choose Growth

Rather than whine and cry (and hide away) in your insecurities and imperfections, open the doors and windows wide.

Get in your prayer closet, imperfections and all, and ask God to show you how He sees you. Walk in that identity and refuse to measure yourself against others. Choose growth. Even if that growth doesn’t seem significant, know that every great tree starts out as a seed.

  • Don’t know how to grow in your faith? Read books on spiritual growth and discipline. Read the Bible daily. Don’t know how to cook? Read through recipe books and cookbooks.
  • Don’t know how to manage your home? Read about home management.
  • Don’t know how to raise children? Get yourself some good books on parenting (the best one out there is the Bible).
  • Don’t know how to take your marriage in a different direction? Read about God’s view on marriage (again, the Bible is a great place to start).
  • Read. Read. Read.

Then give it your best shot. Keep at it. In time, you will see change. Just remember, perfection is not our goal. 


Today’s Challenge (from 31 Days To Clean)

Mary Challenge:  Thing about some areas in your life where you have been striving to be perfect (or nearly so). Perhaps you are comparing yourself to another mom, or putting unnecessary burdens on yourself because of what someone has said or written. Take these areas before the throne of grace and ask God to replace any lies you are believing with the truth. 

Martha Challenge:  Living Room- Clean and organize shelves and electronics. Shine wood furniture. 


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