31 Days To Clean {Day 4: Revisited}

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We’re living {Living Life Fully Committed}. The focus right now? Our homes.

Yesterday, we were on Day 4 of Sarah Mae’s e-Book, 31 Days To Clean She takes us through Spring cleaning (or anytime cleaning) in simple manageable steps. If you missed any of the posts in this series, you can find them all {here}. Won’t you join us?

31Days To Clean with price

If you recall, Sarah Mae was sharing about making our homes a place where friends and family can come in and feel welcomed. She challenged us to make it a place where they can ‘put their feet up’.

I also mentioned that I have such a problem doing this. It’s not easy for me to open my home to others. I’ve heard many conversations where folks criticized the hospitality offered. Every time I heard a criticism, it was as though I shrunk back, cowering in my own abilities (or dare I say, inabilities?).

I’ve shared with you how being touched by Jesus caused revolutionary change in my life. I’ve shared about the messes, the disorganization, the lack of skills. Two and a half years have passed since I came back home after our 2010 house fire. It has been over two years of looking for holy in the daily monotonous; over two years of being {In Pursuit} of the abundance God has for my life.

And what an amazing journey it has been.

But now that I’ve learned the basic skills I lacked for years, now God is shining the light on new areas. Areas that require me to step  out of my comfort zone. They require me to push past the foolish and destructive words that have come out of the mouths of those I’ve broken bread with.

Warmth And Fellowship Of The Believer

For years, I’ve sat and listened to my dear Pastor teach us about the warmth and fellowship of the believers. I thought I knew what He was talking about. Yet one cannot fully experience this type of soul warming community without openness, without a true and sincere desire to be present… here, with these people.

And as the Lord shines the light bright on how much I need fellowship in my life, I take shaky, yet precise steps in obedience.

Yesterday on our Facebook page., when I challenged readers to join me for this 31 Days To Clean Challenge, my friend Jennifer posed such a great question.

I tend to fret about everything being too perfect, and I wonder if that makes other not feel they can put their feet up and relax??

So, can we be honest with God about our expectations, both for ourselves and for others? Can we sit with God and allow Him to show us how this hinders our ability to offer hospitality to others? And dare we ask God to show us what hospitality looks like, not based on those ‘round the table discussions’, but based on His word?

For today, we’re staying here on Day 4. Not so much because of a microwave or stove that needs to be cleaned, but because of a heart needing to be transformed by God’s word.

Leave me a comment if you know what I’m talking about. And if you know someone who would benefit from this series, would you consider sharing it?

We are on this journey together!

Today’s Challenge (from 31 Days To Clean)

-for those who missed it yesterday

Mary Challenge: Invite a friend over and allow them to “put their feet up.” Don’t worry about making everything just right, instead, enjoy their company. {here’s where I start getting heart palpitations, yikes!}

Martha Challenge:  Kitchen- Clean your oven and microwave.

One More Thing…


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