31 Days To Clean {Day 4: A Place To Put Up Your Feet}


We’re living {Living Life Fully Committed}… join us as we dive into our homes.

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We’re on Day 4 of  Sarah Mae’s e-Book, 31 Days To Clean (it’s only $4.99!). She takes us through Spring cleaning (or anytime cleaning) in simple manageable steps. If you missed any of the posts in this series, you can find them all {here}. Won’t you join us?

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Get your copy {here} for only $4.99

Sarah Mae talks about making our homes a welcoming place where friends and family can ‘put their feet up’ and get comfortable. She reminds us that things don’t have to be perfect before we welcome others into our homes.

And let me just vouch for her. She lives what she speaks in this section. I had the amazing privilege of meeting Sarah Mae at this year’s in(RL) {that’s a story for another day}. She lives this whole “come on in and put your feet up” thing.

I, however, am learning this thing called hospitality. Part of me wanted to skip this one. This one is really challenging for me. I want to teach my children good stewardship, while at the same time creating a space where they can get comfortable. As for inviting people over to begin with… that’s an immediate panic attack. But God and I are working on that.

So how about this time, I sit and listen.

How do you make your home a place where friends and family can ‘put their feet up?’  Leave me your tips in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you!

While you share some of your ideas with me, I’ll be working on today’s challenges.

Today’s Challenge (from 31 Days To Clean)

Mary Challenge: Invite a friend over and allow them to “put their feet up.” Don’t worry about making everything just right, instead, enjoy their company. {here’s where I start getting heart palpitations, yikes!}

Martha Challenge:  Kitchen- Clean your oven and microwave. 

One More Thing…


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Update: This sale is now over. However, if you wish to click through and purchase individual ebooks, you can do so by clicking on the titles. See link below.

Want to see the full list of eBooks and all the bonus features included?

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  1. All of my kids were paid to work for me – hence they were invested in their home in a very tangible way. No – work. . . No – pay. As we live in the woods, a certain amount of “kicked-back” attitude is required, otherwise you could go a little “nuts” (black walnuts!!) trying to keep things presentable.

    I divide the house into zones, and one zone is deep cleaned every day (from 7:00-9:00 am. That amount of time is required, but when my children were all living at home, it was only one hour – because of division of labor)

    As a result, when you come inside, the whiff of pine cleaner or Murphy Oil Soap is always in the air, even if I hadn’t cleaned the room my visitor is in. Also, this house is on the large side, so I can actually keep the sitting room as a do- not -enter zone. (When I was teaching – ladies were stopping by my house ALL the time!)

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