5 Minute Friday: Here


It’s called 5 Minute Friday’s.

It’s a group of writers, who after receiving a word prompt, have 5 minutes to write. Lisa-Jo Baker challenges us to write for 5 minutes with no grammar rules, no editing, just set the timer and Go! Want to join us? Find out how, {here}.

Here I….



How appropriate. Today’s topic.

It’s what I’ve been trying to put into words, but have not yet been able to.

It’s the place I find myself in.


Here. Where I know God is speaking.

Here. Where it’s silent.

Here. Where I know I’m supposed to be learning something.

Here. Where I can’t make out what I’m supposed to be learning.

It’s so much like God, to continue the echoes-

You know, everywhere you go, you catch a glimpse… but it’s just an Echo of what was initially spoken.


I find I am having to go back.

Back to the first time He spoke.

Back to the first time I heard the words.

-a heart fully committed-

Here. It’s where I’m digging deep.

It’s where the pieces come together, bit by bit.

How appropriate.

Today’s topic.

Another echo.

God is here.


Today’s Challenge: 

Look around. What’s broken? Give it to the One with the power to make it all glorious!

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  1. This is wonderful. I love that image of the echoes!

  2. Oh love this and I know this well, listening and going back. Lean in and trust!! Love you

  3. I love it, keep listening soon your lesson will be learned and your here will become someplace else. 🙂 Don’t rush it, just enjoy it.

  4. everywhere you go, you catch a glimpse… but it’s just an Echo of what was initially spoken…
    I love that thought, Darlene!
    It helps me realized…I’m not waiting for Him to speak. I’m seeking Him out to know what He’s already said….love this. He is good all the time, this is proof. {HUGS}

  5. Lovely reminder to keep our ears open for the echoes of His voice.

  6. love this ” it’s so much like God, to continue the echoes”. rings true and holy. lovely words/work Darlene.

  7. Praying for you, and your friend.

  8. Don’t you just love it when He speaks so loudly in the silence! Praying for you friend – to lean in and hear clearly!

  9. Oh I love this. I often have to go back, to where He first spoke His promises to my heart. I have to lean in close to hear the echo of His voice above my own. Enjoyed this so much!

  10. We write similarly! I like this:
    Here. It’s where I’m digging in deep.
    Isn’t it great to dig in deep to what God has for us?!
    So glad I read this! I’m a newbie. My first FMF post was tonight!

    • I have a friend who says I’m a masochist, because I like ‘the process’. Not so much the pain that comes with is, as much as knowing that God is moving and that He is here, present. 🙂 Welcome to FMF.

  11. Sometimes we just need to retrace our steps and go back to the last time He spoke. Sometimes I think He’s just waiting for us to be obedient to what He’s already told us and sometimes He just wants us to dig in deep and lean hard. Love that you are listening and sharing. I know the quiet echo well.

  12. Glad we’re neighbors this week! I love how you summed up how we sometimes feel: God is speaking, but there is silence. So beautifully put!

  13. Beautiful- a heart fully committed- yes, yes. I need to be there, I need to make your here, mine too. Thank you

    • -A heart fully committed- Megan, if you only knew. It’s the 2 Chronicles 16:9 Challenge the Lord put in my heart last fall. We started it here on the blog this year. Let’s just say, I am learning that living with a heart fully committed goes beyond what I imagined… Still processing it all. Thanks for stopping by and sharing in this journey 🙂

  14. Ohhh yes, listening for that still small voice! Joining you today with FMF!

  15. omgosh. thank you so much for this post. I can SO relate to everything you said. what a great encouragement to know that we all through season of silence and misunderstand and what not and yet God is still there. He is still here with us. no matter what. stopping by from Five minute Friday! Blessings!


    • I used to think silence meant God forgot about me. It devastated me.
      Now, I know silence means God is trying to show me something. Silence causes me to lean in closer. Like a little kid with their ear pressed against the closed door trying to hear what’s happening on the other side. Oh yeah, that’s me right now 🙂

  16. Great post! Praying that God will continue to speak to you…and that He will bless your heart that is committed to Him. Thank you for some sweet reminders today! Blessings! 🙂

  17. Love that you’re listening for the echoes!

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