Inhale. Exhale. Rest. {Make It A Good One!}

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How fast is life going all around you? Are events, people, work, ministry, and family-life just flying past you at accelerated speeds?

Let’s keep it simple. Let’s take a look at yesterday…

Can you remember what breakfast or dinner time looked like for your family?

Do you remember having one meaningful conversation?

Do you recall the soft lips of your little ones brushed against your cheeks as they gave you a good morning or goodnight kiss?

Do you remember the smell of your husband’s cologne, and the strength in his arms wrapped around you when he hugged you before heading off to work?

Do you remember the peace and quietness in your devotional time with God?

Did you sleep through the sunrise? Miss the vibrant colors of the sunset?

Did you miss the smiles? Miss the hellos? Miss the questions? Missed the conversations? Missed the relationships?

Was everything that’s important crowded out by all the ’extra stuff’?

Did the busyness of ‘doing’ life keep you from enjoying the experience of ‘living’ life?


Quiet The Noise

It’s time to inhale, exhale, and make it a good one.

It’s time to shut out the extras that are fighting for your attention.

Quiet the temptations that fight for your devotion.

Quiet the demands from people with their own agendas for your life.

Quiet the electronics, beeping and beeping, insisting you drop everything in order to respond.

Quiet the voices whispering, “You need more of this. You need more of that.”

Quiet the compulsion to work, work, work.

Quiet the addictions to social media.

It’s time to quiet all the noise.


Today’s Challenge:

You need rest. You need time to just sit and breathe. You need time to dream. You need time to come away from it all and find rest in Him.

Do something you love to do, something relaxing. Do something artistic, something creative. Take a nap, a time-out, a breather. Read a good book. Have Fun. Laugh. Enjoy. Your. Life.

Ready for today’s challenge?

Get rid of the ‘extra stuff’.

Inhale. Exhale. Rest. Make it a good one!

Then leave me a comment. I’d love to know how you made it happen!

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  1. Quieting the noice…

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