Sabotaging It All {Stop Going In Circles}

LLFC LogoFor several weeks, we’ve talked about {Living Life Fully Committed}. It’s the message the Lord inscribed into my heart last year. If you’re new to the blog and want to find out more, click {here}.

I’ve shared this on our series, Revolutionary Women: Touched by Jesus, resulting in radical change: At 16 years of age, when I should have been learning the skills to one day manage my home, I was instead a runaway, going from house to house. I wasted those early years. Sadly, I came into my marriage lacking the skills necessary to take care of my home and my family.

Although it took me a long time to confront myself in this area, after our house fire in 2010 I made a decision- I would never go back to living the way I did pre-fire.

Somewhere at the end of last year, I felt God nudging me out of my comfort zone, “Okay Darlene, you’ve learned how to manage your home. You’ve come a very long way… but what about ‘this’ area? Are you ready to experience transformation in ‘these’ areas?”

Doing Things Well

And you know, although I love when God shows me what needs change, I wasn’t so ready to embrace it this time. I was enjoying the success and pleasure that came from managing my home well. I was enjoying the fruit of my labor. I was doing it, and I was doing it well.

I like doing things well.

Those other areas God was referring to, well… I don’t always get those areas right; Matter of fact, I keep stumbling and falling flat on my face. Those other areas make me feel like such an amateur, lacking wisdom, knowledge, and the tools necessary to make the change.


Sabotaging It All

“God, I just don’t know how to do those things right. I’ve tried over and over, and I keep sabotaging my own efforts.”

I heard Him calling me, “Come. There’s more. There’s so much more!”

Have you heard that voice?

It calls you out of your complacency. It exposes your mediocrity and your sloppiness. And you know- God’s not interested in sloppy, half-hearted service. Instead, He’s looking for hearts that are fully committed to him (2 Chronicles 16:9).

In my effort to get it all right, I continued to fail. I continued to fail so badly that I’d throw in the towel and go in the complete, opposite direction.

Kind of like the person on a diet who gives in to the temptation. Rather than forgive herself and keep moving, she eats the entire box of cookies, and the ice-cream, and the chips, and whatever else she can get her hands on because, ‘I’ll never get this right!’.

It’s the way we sabotage things. We don’t dare push through the barriers and boundaries, even though we are personal witnesses to the changes God can make in our lives when we surrender.

Ever make excuses for why things aren’t changing?

Ever make excuses, and then use those excuses to justify going in the opposite direction?

Ever make excuses, go in the opposite direction, and then throw a pity party because you’re not where you should be?

Welcome to the sabotagers club. It’s the place for those who still are holding onto the quit option. It’s the place for those who like to go in circles. It’s the place for those who are so used to the wilderness, they’re okay with missing the Promised Land.

It’s for those who want to make progress, yet act in ways that interfere with the production and advancement of that progress.


Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

Last year, God was showing me my self-destructive ways in certain areas of my life. Even though I had come so far, ignoring these areas would soon trickle down, possibly sabotaging all my hard work.

But how do you change ways, if you haven’t yet been able to change them?

How do you make something right, when you don’t know how to make it right?

How am I doing it?

The same way I learned to manage my home. One day at a time, one step at a time, eyes fixed on Jesus, all the while enveloped in God’s grace.

That’s the simple answer. The hard part is applying it.

2 Chronicles 16:9 tells us, “The eyes of the Lord search the entire earth seeking for hearts that are fully committed to Him that He may strengthen them.”

Stop looking at that giant you have to change. Instead, fix your eyes on Jesus. Commit your heart to Him, to surrender, to obedience. He promises to strengthen you.


Today’s Challenge:

So let me ask, what about ‘this’ area? Are you ready to experience transformation in ‘these’ areas?”

Are you willing to take a close look at yourself, at those places that haven’t yet changed? Are you willing to point out where you are sabotaging your own efforts?

The Challenge? Take those areas to the Lord today. Share your heart with Him, and more importantly, share your desire to live life –with a heart- fully committed to Him. Because these areas are important to Him, they will be important to you.

Then, rest in His grace and strength. He promised it. It’s yours!

Will you dare to take today’s challenge?

If so, I would like to pray with you. You don’t have to give me any details, simply leave me a comment saying, “I will no longer sabotage my own efforts!”

Then join me tomorrow as we continue on this amazing journey of {Living Life Fully Committed}. We are in this together!


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  1. Keep me close… I’m trying not to sabotage my efforts, but i’m having such a hard time in so many areas… I’m gonna give up but I sure can use some prayer.

    • Praying for you right now friend. The amazing thing about God is that He meets us right where we are. Also, sometimes we go through things and we think we’re the only ones. However, people everywhere go through suffering, testing, and trials. It may seem like an oxymoron, but 1 Peter 4:13 tells us, “rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ,” I know. I know. It’s not easy to do. But here is the awesome part. He goes on to say that the reason we should rejoice is “so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed.”

      You will see the hand of God over your life and His glory will be revealed!

  2. Thanks for the message Darlene. I find myself in that camp of sabotaging quite often. I am definitely one of God’s works in progress.

  3. With The Lord’s Help, I will no longer sabotage myself in these areas.. I almost don’t believe I can do it as I’m writing this.. I do want to make many changes in my daily life, but I can’t seem to get it done or even get it started. I have great intentions, but that’s as far as it gets. I do need your prayers in my life. Thank you!

    • Oh Ashley. You have no idea how many of us struggle with this. You are not alone. If God has done it for me, He can do it for you! That’s how I find courage to face all the other ‘stuff’. Because even when I’m not able, He is able.

      I pray for you today. May God fill you with boldness and courage to believe again, to dream again, and to pursue again. May He strengthen you and give you the diligence to move past your current limitations and finish what you started.

      You can do this Ashley!!

  4. Darlene I love the way you write, and your balanced approach. You tell us enough of your story so we can feel a connection with you, but keep other areas private too. I also love the way you balance “telling it like it is” with encouragement. Everything you’re saying is what I’m reading during my own study time, which is interesting, exciting, and a little scary. I’m not all gung-ho on embracing it this time either!

    • Thanks Teresa. I want readers to leave {In Pursuit} feeling energized, refreshed, encouraged, like “I can do this!”.

      One thing that I’ve learned is that it’s so easy to rant and rave, whine and complain… people get a heavy dose of that everywhere. When they stop here, I want to make sure they know that there is someone here who knows what it’s like to go through the hard stuff. And this person here, is on this journey with you!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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