Practice, Practice, Practice {& Get Rid Of The Quit Option}

February began with a life changing challenge,  the 2013 {Live Life Fully Committed} Challenge, to be exact. Now you can find all the posts in this series by going to the Navigation Bar and clicking on the 2013 CHALLENGE link (shown below). We started out talking about our Christian walk (that link is directly below). Once we talk about Marriage, Parenting, Finances, and Health (and more) you’ll see those listed beneath the 2013 CHALLENGE link as well.

Our goal here on {In Pursuit} is to make our information as easy as possible to find. Enjoy!

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So far on our journey, we stopped to Get A Life {A Prayer Life!}. We learned we need to Remain Still {Especially When We Want To Get Going}. And we said it was time to Take Out The Instructions {& Build The Ark Anyway!}.

We were checking our emotions and our motives. And we were going to address the hard part: getting real! Ouch!

Put It Into Practice

When I began teaching my daughter how to write her alphabet, I spent many days frustrated. I knew the alphabet. I used it daily in my writing and reading. I’ve been doing this for years.

“Lem (as in Lemon Meringue), watch me when I write it, then you can copy it on your paper. This is the letter ‘B’. Ready?” She would nod her head and I’d proceed.

“Okay, straight line down. Jump up. Around to the middle. Around to the bottom.”

We’d say this a couple of times together while she watched me write the letter. Then, it was her turn.

“Straight line down. Jump up. Around to the middle. Around to the bottom,” She’d look at me with a smile and I’d look at the paper. It didn’t look like a ‘B’.

She was following the instructions. She was repeating the instructions, but her small motor skills weren’t developed yet. She didn’t get the hang of it. She needed practice.

One year and a half later, she is able to write her alphabet beautifully. Her small motor skills developed and she learned letter formation, while I learned patience.

Get Rid Of The Quit Option

The same holds true with us. It can get frustrating when we know what to do, but it doesn’t turn out the way we expect. It’s easy to throw in the towel and give up because “you know God… I just can’t do this!”

Here’s the thing. We don’t have the luxury to give up when things get difficult. When the land looks bare and dry, when we’re not sure what to do with what’s been put in our hands… quitting is not an option.

So get the ‘quit’ out of you. It’s not an alternative. It’s not an easy way out. It’s not even a viable solution.

Learning to write and form letters was essential to my daughters education and growth. Had she quit and given up, she would not have developed the way she has thus far.

If we’re going to move forward in this {Live Life –with a heart- Fully Committed} (to God) Challenge, we have to make sure we understand: Quitting is not an option.  Otherwise, we will get halfway through the challenge and throw it all to the wayside when things get gritty.

And just for the record, much of the details on your journey, which require you to show up, are the menial, monotonous, every-day responsibilities; Along with the quiet, still, no-one-will-pat-you-on-the-back kind of disciplines.

Today’s Challenge:

Get your form right. Get your instructions down. Today’s challenge is to go back to what we’ve learned thus far and practice, practice, practice.

Practice until it becomes natural. Practice getting up for prayer until it becomes a norm. Practice opening up your word until you can’t go through your day without it. Practice obedience. Practice listening to the voice of God until you know what it sounds like.

And while you’re practicing, make sure to stay long enough in the Presence of God to declare, “God, quitting is not an option. I will not quit on what you have for my life! I put my faith and my confidence in You knowing that you will see me through. Your plans for my life will come to pass and I, I will dance all over them!”

You’ve come too far to go back now.  Are you willing to take the Challenge? Are you ready to get the ‘quit’ out of you? Are you ready to get rid of the quit option?

If so, tell us how we can pray for you? Then join us tomorrow as we continue on our {Live Life Fully Committed} adventure!

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  1. “Quitting is not an option” I think I need to print this out in really big letters and frame it above my computer!! Love this reminder, and I SO needed it 🙂

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