I Heard You… But Is Prayer Really Practical?

prayerOur {Live Life Fully Committed} Challenge began with Getting A Prayer Life and Getting A Bible Reading Plan.

Without these disciplines, life becomes overwhelming. Burdens get heavy, impossible to carry. Struggles seem overbearing, impossible to overcome. And things become blurry and hazy, making it difficult to see in front of you.

We can move on, and we will, but I digress… lest we speed through trivializing the importance of prayer in our practical, every day lives.

I Heard You… But Is Prayer Really Practical?

I know. I know. You’ve heard it before. Prayer is important. But what does it look like- practically?

Below are some of {In Pursuit}’s posts on prayers. I pray they will help give an up close and personal view on how women, mamas, and wives apply prayer in their day-to-day.

Because you and I, well- we need to know how to push through the daily grind until all that remains are holy moments of purpose.

Prayer, It Changes Things

The Power Of A Praying Parent

Dear Father, My Prayer For You Today (a prayer for Dads)

Maintain Your Position In Spite Of Opposition

Praying Through Life Situations

Today’s Challenge:

Are there areas in your day-to-day that you are failing to seal with prayer?

List them. Then bring that list with you the next time you get into your prayer closet. God is concerned with those things too!

Ready for more?

Great, then meet me here tomorrow as we continue on our pursuit… living life with hearts fully committed to Him!

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  1. This challenge and Revolution for Women devotional is just showing me things that I’ve never saw or thought about before. This challenge in wanting to be fully committed to God wether is washing the dishes, doing laundry, changing a dirty diaper, reading the bible, listening to my children or watching something on tv (that I don’t particular care about) with my hubby, it is changing the focus and even renewing my strenght in a hard to explain kinda way. There are things im seing differently than before. I might not make sense but had to share 😉

    • Rachel!!!! YOU GOT IT! That’s exactly right. You hit the nail right on the head. That’s what this challenge (and {In Pursuit}) is all about… being present, being here, fully committed, even in all the monotonous things because even these are holy in His eyes.

      Now you can see how living a life {In Pursuit} of God and with a heart fully committed to him makes everything else possible. Difficult things become easier, because we no longer complain and whine. We instead, do them as an act of service unto Him. In gratitude, in love, in appreciation, our service becomes worship!

      • Now, this is an on going effort… I say this because at any given moment the old me, self effort me, wants to take control and capture my mind all over again (due to real life and in the eyes of human, perfect excuses like being tired, pms, feeling unapreciated, too much to do etc.) So then we thank God for the Holy Spirit who reminds me the reason for the task and the progress in this fully committed challenge 😉

      • As mothers this can be difficult. Our children are unpredictable and parenting is exhausting. However, I have experienced times when I could not even think clearly because of fatigue. I would pray and end up there for like 20 minutes kind of going in circles, repeating myself and well, quite frankly, it was unproductive. That’s when I’ve desperately taken a minute or two to say, “Lord Forgive me. I am so tired I could barely get the words out. Jesus I need you. Please accept this mother’s prayer. Give me the strength and grace to get through this.”
        And don’t you just know it, He does! He knows my heart is to be there with him soaking up His Presence. He knows the responsibilities. He knows everyone is pulling on me to get the job done. He knows I’m exhausted.

        Now let me just add… these ‘mother’s prayers’ (as I call them) should not be our norm. We need to take time to fill ourselves up in God’s Presence so that we can pour out to those in our care. When you continuously make this a priority, then you won’t fall apart on days when you have to throw up a ‘mother’s prayer’. Why? Because you have a bank account you’ve been depositing into.

        P.S. I addition to regular time in prayer.. when working with the kids, I am always throwing up “Lord have mercy on me!!!!!!!!” prayers too 😉

      • I couldn’t even tell you how many of:  “Lord have mercy on me!!!!!!!!” prayers I’ve thrown up because they are too many lol

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