{The Resolution for Women} Living With Grace, Part 12 (book study)


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This week’s topic was {Living With Grace: A resolution to make my home a welcome place to be.}

I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s chapter. Perhaps it’s because Priscilla Shirer (the author) drew some vivid pictures of what a grace-filled home looked like.

There’s so much to pull from this chapter, yet I’m still left munching on nuggets too precious to simplify for a Saturday post.

Here’s one nugget as an example:

Whether you are married or single, your home is holy ground. And you are a holy attendant, bestowed with the responsibility and privilege of creating an atmosphere in which the essence of God’s grace, freely extended to you, can be felt and sensed through the grace you freely extend to others. Your home is the place where you cultivate a peace to be enjoyed by others who live there and by all who enter its doors.

Priscilla Shirer

I am very well aware that as a woman, God has given me the privilege and honor to be an influencer in my home. I am cognizant that this gift has the power to change the atmosphere of my home.

Furthermore, I am aware of the grace God has extended to me. I have been especially sensitive to His grace at work in my life in these past three years.

Here’s where I’m still munching…

Grace extended to me can be grace extended in my home, in all things. Doing so creates “an atmosphere in which the essence of God’s grace… can be felt and sensed through the grace you freely extend to others.”

The only area of my home-life where I may have had a slight indication of this is with my teenage son.

I have learned so much simply by being a mother to this child. I once caught myself wanting to ‘show him who’s boss’, but instead I felt God dealing with me. I felt Him showing me a different way. I shared with my husband, “I was such a rebellious person, yet God continued to love me. I wanted nothing to do with Him, yet He continued to pursue me. How can I not extend that same grace to my children?”

In {Loving My Children} I am learning this discipline of extending and exuding grace. In {Fulfilling My Husband}, I am learning this discipline… extend grace, extend grace, extend grace.

Although we can’t go into it today, this chapter continues to show us how we can,

  • Extend grace to those who enter our home, including family.
  • Winning the argument does not have to be the way of life.
  • Allowing people the room and peace to be themselves around us.
  • Creating Sabbath time and spaces in our homes.

Imagine that, we have the power to create an atmosphere where the “essence of God’s grace can be felt and sensed” simply by our intentional extension of grace to others. We have the power to mirror God’s grace.

I’m diving into this chapter with a newfound desire to see grace abound in my life, in my home, and in my relationships.

How about you?

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  1. So much to learn…

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