A Tool For Our Journey

I believe I’ve already stirred up a lot in the past two days. I’m sure reading through the 2013 {Live Live Fully Committed} Challenge has left us with much to think about. And so, I will take out the grace card today and I will keep it simple.

Here’s a tool for you for our journey. You’re free to print it out to use as you please. However, I will explain more (in future posts) about how we can use it to fulfill our 2013 {Live Life Fully Committed} Challenge.

You have your choice:

A one page calendar option for the first quarter (up until April). I will be adding future months.


Planner Monthly Calendar

Monthly Calendar <- click here


The next is a two page spread, and can be copied for the whole year since it’s blank.

Monthly Planner Wide 1

Monthly Planner Wide <- click here to see full spread


Enjoy! And come back tomorrow as we get started, step-by-step, on our 2013 Challenge!

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  1. Thanks so much for the printables! My new years resolution is to be more organized with the home & family, and I’m just learning to keep a blogger binder so these come in handy. Kudos!

    • Hi Teresa. Thanks for stopping by {In Pursuit}!

      Home Administration (that’s what I like to call it, lol) is a process. Lord knows it’s taken me 2 years find my balance. So don’t get discouraged. One day at a time, one step at a time, and soon enough you will see changes!

      Keep me updated on how it’s going!

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