Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

It’s time to jump back into full swing and I can’t help but get excited. There’s so much I want to share with you, but I will try to contain my excitement and give you bits at time (we’ll see how that goes!).

In November of last year while reading the Bible, 2 Chronicles 16:9 jumped out at me. You know, almost as though it were saying, “I’m here to stay Darlene. There’s no point in ignoring me. I’m in your face!”

The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

2 Chronicles 16:9, New Living Translation (NLT)

The Confrontation

There were areas in my life that had changed dramatically because I made up my mind to change them through God’s strength and grace. But what about the other areas I put to the side because they weren’t as important? What about those?

The eyes of the Lord search the entire earth looking for hearts that are fully committed to Him. I knew there was sloppiness in my life that needed attention. So I wiped my slate clean and I made a decision; I was going to walk into 2013 with a new mindset.

Live Life Fully Committed

The motto for 2013 is “Live Life Fully Committed”. Why? Because if I can’t even commit to my own dreams and goals, how can I be accountable for anything else? Change begins here with me.

I’ve reached my maximum potential at my previous level of living. And although it has been an amazing two years, God is beckoning…”there’s more!”

It’s time to target areas previously left unattended. It’s time to move forward in complete confidence because the Omnipotent God promises to strengthen me on my endeavor. How exciting is that?

You know those things that you don’t even want to attempt because part of you is afraid to dream so big? Yeah, those things. God promises to strengthen us and see us through it!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall… What is your reflection saying each morning? Are you happy with what you see? And I’m not talking about what you see physically (although that too, may be an area that needs attention).

Are you happy with the person you’ve become? Are you living out the life God created you to live? Are you being diligent and resourceful with what He’s placed in your hands? Are you fully committed to living a life fully present and fully engaged?

Or is everything sabotaged by your own hands and your own negative talk?

Casual Living

Now let me just add- I’ve been sorting through this all since November of last year. It was not an easy process. It’s hard to face the unattended areas. It’s difficult to look at yourself and speak the truth. It’s hard to give up the excuses you’ve held onto for so long.

At the time, I regretted having opened this Chapter. Because try as I might to ignore it, the words convicted me. They jumped off the page and seared my heart and my mind in such a way I’d never again be the same.

This verse was calling me out of my conformity. It called me out, and I was left sitting there without any excuses.  Casual living (in specific areas) was no longer an option for me.

Do You Dare Face You?

If you’re tired of casual living, if you’re tired of mediocrity and sloppy, half-hearted service, I challenge you to join me tomorrow as I share with you the 2013 {Living Life Fully Committed} Challenge.

Warning: Once you open up the Challenge and read, you will be unable to continue living life sloppily, because the Holy Spirit will continuously remind you, “There’s more. There’s so much more!”

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  1. I’m in, I’m ready, let’s do this!
    There is nothing better than fresh starts… Second chances exists because God wants us to keep trying until we get it right, He is a God of perfection and if He created us in his image and we are fearfully and wonderfully made, then there is nothing sloppy about us. I’m in this journey with you Darlene, I’m ready to be held acountable!

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