{The Resolution for Women} My Heart, Part 9 (book study)


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This week’s topic was {My Heart: A Resolution To Care}.

“I love God and I like people. I just don’t care about them.”

My husband looked at me with that confused look he gives me every time I say something absolutely ridiculous. But what can I say, it’s how I process things. I think them out loud and sometimes they make absolutely no sense. Yet still. It’s how I feel. It’s what I’m sorting through. It’s the junk that bubbles up from the depths of a sin-tarnished heart. Ever been there?

I spent years chasing God while simultaneously avoiding people. Sounds a little backwards huh?

Here’s the thing. I wanted to do great things for God, but in my heart- well, in my heart, I just didn’t care about people. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t want to NOT care. It was simply the condition of my selfish and self-centered heart. I couldn’t connect with others because I never took the time to carry burdens. I had my own mess to deal with and justified my behavior with it.

Matthew 22:37 was easy for me: I loved God. I left it all behind without looking back… for Him. It’s the other two verses that follow that threw me off, “This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself,” (NIV).

(Before you go crazy on me, let me add- Praise Report: I’ve been delivered from all this ‘I don’t care’ attitude years ago. Let me share how…)

Love God

I loved God. Serving Him was non-negotiable. However, I needed a major heart change. So rather than hide my sinful ways, I took it to the Lord in prayer.

Lord, I want to care. I want to love others the way you love others. I want to care about others and their situation as much as I care about my own. But I just don’t. Forgive me.

You’re going to have to give me a heart transplant. I don’t know how to love others. Remove this hardened heart and replace it with a heart of flesh that I may feel compassion and mercy for others. Change my heart, O God. Give me Your heart.

Love God and in doing so, choose to obey His commandments. Whether you are able to on your own efforts is irrelevant. He has the power to transform you.

Love Yourself

For years I hated myself. I hated who I’d become. I hated the bad choices I made and the consequences I had to face. I felt worthless and I just couldn’t see the value I had in Christ.

If you’re going to love your neighbor, you’re going to have to learn to love yourself. You are God’s creation. Did you know that you were fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)?

Did you know that when God sees you, He sees a masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10)?

He is totally in love with you. So much so that He gave up His only Son, that if you would believe, you’d live eternally with Him (John 3:16). That’s right, He loves you to infinity and beyond!

Your value comes from Him. When you learn to see this, you in turn learn to see others in the same light. It becomes easier to see the beauty in those around you. It becomes easier to care about others. Because if they are important to God, then they become important to you.

Love Others

And so my quest to care began here. I wanted to care enough about others that I would take what I am learning along the way and share it openly. For a year and a half, I’ve met you here on {In Pursuit} and we’ve shared life. You have opened up to me in comments and emails sharing with me your struggles, your journey, your trials, and your burdens. You have been used of God to awaken inside of me a love I didn’t know could exist.

You have become part of my prayers. You have become part of my life. And yes, I can sincerely say, I care.

A Resolution To Care

In 2013, are you willing to open your eyes to the needs of your neighbors, locally and globally? Are you willing to open your eyes to the pain and devastation going on around you? Or will you simply walk around like I did years ago serving God, but not caring about people?

It’s time that we begin praying, {Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours!}. It’s time to look at the pain going on in this world and take action, even if it’s  just {One Small Dent}.

Don’t get discouraged by the large scale of the social and justice issues going on in this world. Jesus is able to work miracles with 2 small fish and 5 little loaves!

Let’s start a revolution of generosity! Let’s pour ourselves out and let’s make a difference in our sphere of influence, in whatever platform God’s given us.


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  1. This is great! I have too been very selfish through my life but the Lord has given me views through his eyes in many occasions. There has been times that my selfish complaining prayer takes a shift to crying out for those particular people I was complaining about. God can definitely change our hearts but we must put in our effort. Some times it requires actions of love towards someone you can’t stand, but when you get through that experience the way you feel within yourself feels incredible sometimes it might even bring tears to you eyes.
    I have lived in my neighborhood for almost 5yrs. About a year after I moved here from Florida we had some new neighbors that caused trouble. Many teenagers visiting (gangs) they were loud, kept us up through the night so many nights because of their partying I was frustrated and prayed every night that they would get locked up or kicked out. (I wasnt serving the Lord at that time)
    My husband even though he wasn’t “friends” with them he knew them and even had conversations with them at times. Well, I was having a birthday party for my two older children in our back yard (now I was Christ follower) and my husband invites the neighbors daughter in because she was asking about the party (she was about 3yrs old) well her older sister who I always considered the big mouth trouble maker walks in with her and I looked around to see where my husband is but don’t see him and I don’t want to be rude so I welcome her and started to serve her. There was a quick moment that I had to walk inside of the house to get something and I remember I felt like crying and my eyes got watery and I thanked God for the opportunity to serve and I felt so much compassion at that moment for that family that I would pray for them. I even brought one of the mothers teenager to church one day.
    So if you think you heart has no hope of changing, I will tell you that NOTHING is impossible for God!

    • Rachel, thanks for sharing! That’s what this community is about. Realizing that we all fight similar battles. We can grow and encourage each other along the way. It was a blessing to hear how God has opened your heart to your neighbors. Imagine the revolution we’d begin if we started reaching out to those right next to us.

      May God continue to use you as a beacon of light in the midst of a very dark culture.

      Yes, it’s true! Nothing is impossible for God!!

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