{The Resolution for Women} Integrity, Part 8 (book study)

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1: firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : incorruptibility

2: an unimpaired condition : soundness

3: the quality or state of being complete or undivided :

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

The thing about integrity is that- either you got it or you don’t. You can’t fake it. You can’t 50-percent-it. A person of integrity is  a person of undivided morals. It’s a person who adheres to a moral code whether someone is watching them or not. They are resolute in their convictions resulting in a life that is undivided. What they are in public, they are in private.

So let’s go there today. Let’s go behind the locked doors and the shut curtains. Let’s go to that living room, that bedroom, that little box hidden in the back of the closet. Or how about we open up your selection of movies and romance novels. What would we find?

If a little camera recorded each email that came in and out of your inbox, and played it on the church screen this Sunday, how would that play out for you?

Are you who you say you are?

What about the other stuff? 

Okay, so maybe you don’t watch racy movies. And maybe you don’t spend your nights with your face stuck in the romance novels….

But how about the sins hidden deep within our hearts and minds that no one knows about?

How about the attitudes and thought processes that hinder our walk with God? How about the laziness, procrastination, gluttony, jealousy, envy, selfishness, pride, criticism, disobedience, rebellion, and the like?

How about the parts of your life that you ignore even though the Holy Spirit is tugging you to make changes?

Confession Time

Here’s a glimpse of how God called me out on lack of integrity when it came to the area of my health. This was a post I wrote,  back in early November, on our {Accountability Partners} Facebook group. Here’s the story of the day I threw out my scale.

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Good morning ladies! Allow me to share a bit of what went on here last month as I worked through the “I’m Loving Me” challenge.

Two weeks into our challenge my knee pain came back (lying devil!). It can be so discouraging to feel like you can’t get out there and work out all the excess, you know..

Anyways, although I didn’t eat cake and cookies, I felt the pull of junk food calling me. I did eat ice-cream and pie during the storm. And then, I read through 2 Chronicles 16:9. Remember when I shared, about having hearts fully committed to God. Well, I realized I needed more of God and I went into a 3 day fast. (this was about more than my junk food issues.)

During the fast, that verse kept stirring up in my spirit. See, I know I am a woman of God and I know I am {In Pursuit} of God. But there are areas in my life that need to be FULLY committed. I want God to search the whole entire world and I want Him to smile when He looks at me and sees a heart that is fully committed to him. I want to be that person. So in love with Jesus that nothing, absolutely nothing, gets in the way.

So in my fasting I prayed, ‘Lord, I want to hear your voice. I want to hear the whispers of your Holy Spirit leading me.’ And I repented for ‘not listening’ to the voice of the Holy Spirit when it came to eating. Because how many of you can attest to the fact that when you are going overboard with your eating, there is a voice telling you, ‘stop’ or ‘don’t do it’. And we continue to eat. The Holy Spirit is always leading us. But we don’t always follow.

So anyway, I went to the bathroom and my eyes looked to the side and landed on my bathroom scale. I heard these words so clearly, “You will no longer be defined by that scale.” I thought it was just me, but it came out so perfectly, so clearly. Then I heard, “Get rid of it.” So I picked it up and I was walking to my room to put it away, I heard,”Many women have made this their idol”. So I put my scale down and I just look at it, and I hear, “Don’t just put it away for later. Get the idols out of the house.”

By this time, I was kind of like, ‘ooooookay’… I started walking down the steps and I heard, “and the other one too”. I slowly turned around and walked up the steps to my linen closet where I have a second old-fashioned scale. I walked down the steps with the two scales and I placed them next to the garbage (because I didn’t want to fill my small garbage can). I heard, “get them out of your house completely.” So I took out a new garbage bag. I put the scales in the bag, opened my door and placed them with the garbage outside.

And can I tell you, I felt a huge burden lifted from me.
See, the scale has become the idol which pats us on the back if we lose 2 lbs. We feel great when we see that number going down. But when that number goes in the opposite direction, how do we feel then? We feel worthless, like failures.
And God was saying to me, “Darlene, you will no longer be defined by the numbers. The numbers on that scale, the numbers of Facebook friends, the numbers of people who visit the blog… you will not be defined by them. Instead, you will be defined by a heart FULLY committed to me. You won’t need these exterior measurements of your self-worth because you will know when you live a life FULLY committed. Because everything on the outside will reflect it.”

I don’t need a scale to tell me how great or how bad I am doing, because I know. I know whether I am being disobedient to God by not exercising when He tells me to, or by over indulging when He says stop. And I also know when I am living FULLY committed to God and the call upon my life. And shouldn’t THAT be the measurement of my success? Whether I obey God (in all things) or not?

So here we are. A new month. This month, I am not interested in how much you worked out or how much you gained or lost. Instead, I am interested in seeing you turn to God in such a way that you would hear and then heed the voice of the Holy Spirit’s perfect leading.

“Lord, help us to live lives FULLY committed to you. We repent for grieving your Holy Spirit time and time again. Help us to hear as you lead. And when we hear your direction, then cause us to obey! In Jesus Name, Amen”

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Living Life Fully Committed

It took me a month of fasting and lots of prayer before it all clicked inside of me. I realized I was living defeated in this area. The same God who helped me changed every other area of my life in the past two years, is the same God who can help me with my health.

On December 15th, I printed out our Accountability Partners exercise calendar and I made a commitment. Not to lose 60 lbs. or to look a certain way. Instead, I made a decision to live each day fully committed to God, fully committed to the call upon my life. I have an assignment that needs to be accomplished and without my health, I will not be able to fulfill that role.

In committing to Him, I knew that He would strengthen me to succeed each day. And so, I committed to three simple things that I had control over.

  1. Exercise 4-5 times a week for 30 minutes. 
  2. No eating after 7pm.
  3. Drink lots of water.
  4. Check-mark my commitment on the calendar.

December 15th was the day that I stopped giving the enemy a foothold in my life regarding my health. He can no longer shame me and guilt me because my self-worth comes from the God who made me. And each day that I get on that treadmill, I am walking out my commitment to God, to myself, to my family, to my Accountability Partners, and to the calling upon my life.

I am living life fully committed!

I am {In Pursuit} of God’s best for me. And that includes my health!

This week’s topic was {My Integrity}.

Is there an area in your life that needs some readjusting? Are there morals, standards, and values you’re putting to the side because no one has called you out on them? Are there areas you know God is calling you to attend to?

Stop ignoring them. Stop pretending they don’t exist. Stop making excuses. Stop justifying it and start calling it what it is.

Choose to be a person of integrity. A person who walks in obedience in all areas of your life, and at all times.

I assure you- honesty and truth with oneself bring much freedom.

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  1. I wish I could tell you how this post touched me. I don’t even know how I got here. I was looking for organizing stuff. :\ As I have tried to write you, and then deleted, God has exposed many lies I have believed for too many years…without even realizing it . I hope more than just tears comes from this. I’m ready for healing. Thank you for sharing your heart. It has given me much to think about tonight.

    • Hi Kristi. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your journey. God has really used this book to take me ‘there’. You know, that place we don’t want to talk about… I definitely recommend it. And then if you want to continue on through with us, I will be posting each Saturday on the blog for the week’s chapter.

      Thanks for stopping by {In Pursuit}. I am so glad you stumbled upon us 😉

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