Will You Be Accountable? {& Farewell 2012, It’s Been Good…}

I wrote the title for today’s post and I couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

The culmination of this year quickly approaches. With each ticking of the second-hand on the clock, I am closer and closer to the closing of this chapter. In years past, I couldn’t remember how I used up 365 days of life. In years past, I couldn’t clearly recall how I’d spent my days, my hours, my minutes.

But in this internet age, where things get chronicled by dates in this very, little corner of the world, things are different. I have a  written track record, other than my personal prayer journal, where I can see God’s goodness poured out extravagantly over my life. Even in the process of updating this site, I’ve revisited posts which I had long forgotten, tucked away in the early months of 2012.

‘Oh yeah, I’d forgotten… Jesus, You’ve been so good to me!’

See, I know what God has done internally. I know the dramatic changes that have occurred in my heart and mind.

But then you get an email from WordPress, with the subject line, “Your 2012 Year In Blogging”. And although this space is really quite small in comparison to so many other blogs, here’s the news they gave me.

This blog had 32,000 views in 2012.

In 2012, there were 241 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 333 posts. The busiest day of the year was August 9th with 1,217 views.

Will You Be Accountable?

When I started this space on the blogosphere, I would write and come to my page to find that I had only 7 visitors (two of which were my sisters). Seven. There were days when I thought, ‘what’s the point of this?’ I’m writing to no one. It’s like if I’m talking to myself.

And God so patiently and sweetly said, “Will you be accountable with seven? Can I trust you with these? Will you be faithful with seven?”

On days, when I didn’t want to write, I heard the words, “Will you be accountable with seven?”

And days went by, “Will you be accountable with 10? With 20? With 50?”

And soon enough, the numbers didn’t matter so much. Because God was always asking the same thing of me. Whether in my spiritual life, my home, my marriage, my parenting, and even my writing,  “Darlene, will you be accountable?”

Yes. Because He’s Called Me

Here on {In Pursuit}, the answer has been yes. I’ve showed up, day in and day out, because it’s what He’s called me to do in this season of my life.

I’ve showed up because I’ve been so encouraged by your own journey. You’ve emailed and commented and you’ve shared how difficult it has been, taking care of sick children, and big families, and job losses, and lack of organization skills.

You’ve shared your heart with me, even though you don’t really know me. You’ve shared how difficult it is to find joy when life is in shambles. You’ve shared your struggle with weight, your struggle with the kids, your struggle with the stress and depression, your struggle with disorder in your home.

And you’ve shared so many victories, so many changes, so many breakthroughs!

I have been immensely blessed by what God is doing in your life!

So Now What?

My friend. As we close 2012, I leave you with the questions God spoke into my life at the beginning of this journey…

“Will you be accountable? Will you be faithful?”

Not “CAN you?”, but “WILL you?”

See, I know you CAN, because you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Phil. 4:13).

I know you CAN, because the Holy Spirit is not only available to you, but He empowers you!

I know you CAN, because with God, nothing is impossible! (Luke 1:37)!

Here’s the thing, WILL YOU?

Will you be accountable with your spiritual life?

Will you be accountable in your marriage?

Will you be accountable with the children God’s placed in your hands?

Will you be accountable to the care and administration of your home?

Will you be accountable with the income that goes through your hands?

Will you be accountable with the souls God puts in your sphere of influence?

Seven In The Hands Of God Is Multiplied

This was the specific map sent to me for my “2012 Year In Blogging”.

2012 blogging map

When I began to mouse over those countries in blue, this map began to show me visitors from all over the world, Argentina, Russia, Australia, Venezuela, Africa… and the list goes on. It tells me how many views {In Pursuit} received from each of the countries.

At the end I read, “That’s 119 countries in all!”

Why is that important?

It’s important because as Christians we are called to a high standard. We have been given a command to go into the world and declare the good news. It’s important because we forget that we each have a platform and that lives are waiting to be impacted. It’s important because we have something to say and the world needs to hear it. It’s important because when I felt like giving up, because I felt like I was wasting time, God held me accountable.

If we can’t be faithful with the little, how then can He trust us with the true riches? (Luke 16:11).

It’s important because Seven In The Hands Of  God Is Multiplied!

Not so that I can pat myself on the back, but so that I can look at Him in amazement and declare, “Glory be to God!”.

So, the question remains:

WILL YOU be accountable in whatever sphere of influence God has placed you in? Will you show up day after day even when you don’t see anything? Will you be faithful?

P.S. Farewell 2012, It’s Been Good. He’s been good!!

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