{The Resolution for Women} My Blessing, Part 6 (book study)

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This week’s topic was {My Blessing}.

It was “a resolution to esteem others with my time, concern, and full attention.”

Imagine that. Some hide in caves because they’ve got nothing they feel is of worth to give. But Priscilla speaks about blessing others with time, concern, and full attention- all of it free.


It can be so easy to open up our mouths to share. But listening, that’s another story. I mean, to listen to someone else would mean that we’d have to close our own mouths long enough for them to get a complete thought out. I confess, I’ve been a poor listener many a times! You know that itch that makes you ‘just have to share’.

If I can be honest, there have been times when I’ve left a conversation thinking, “Darlene, you’ve shared too much!” and I’ve beat myself over the head for days after. I’m learning that silence is good. You don’t always have to say everything that’s on your mind. And it really is okay to not have the last word.

A woman who is quick to listen is one who gathers up all the information before releasing her reaction. She resists the urge to spout off everything her mind formulates, choosing rather to give her solutions time to settle, to become properly shaped before being shared.

Priscilla Shirer, The Resolution for Women

I love that. Shhh! Stop talking. Listen. Allow your thoughts to settle and formulate before rattling on. This is wisdom.

Think about it. We’ve all been to the event where someone has to be the center of attention. Everything revolves around them. They don’t get tired of hearing themselves. And if we’re honest, we too have been guilty.

What if we didn’t think we were always right?

What if sharing our opinion was no longer important?

What if we chose to bless others with our listening rather than ‘bless with our talking’?

The Blessing Of Listening

Sometimes people just want to share their heart.

When people give you their ear, they are offering you a sliver of their life they can never retrieve again- one of the few gifts that can never be returned or retracted.

Priscilla Shirer, The Resolution for Women

And when they do, will we be ready to give them the blessing of listening? The blessing of our time? Or will we be focused on drawing the attention back to us? Or on moving along to the next “important” thing on our list?

The blessing of listening to an individual, sitting in front of us with a heart wide open, brings self-worth and acceptance to that person. It says, “you are important”, “you are significant”, “you matter”.

Don’t the people in your life deserve this blessing? Your husband? Your children? Your parents? Your friends? To feel strengthened and encouraged just by being around you?

Priscilla Shirer, The Resolution for Women

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  1. I am soooo guilty of this! I’ve gotten much better but still have much to learn. I used to live on “defence mode” 24/7, always had an opinion, always had to defend myself, always giving people a piece of advice and many times we just say things just to sound like you know… But I realized that if I want the Lord to use me I needed to learn to just SHUT UP! There have been times I have cried because I felt that what was coming at me was unfair and although I wanted to defend myself, the Lord wouldn’t let me, and I would get so angry… Don’t think I don’t ever go through that anymore but im learning that I don’t always have to prove my point and many times some of those points I wanted to prove come back up in a conversation with the same person but this time that other person has had a change of heart and figures out that those thoughts I didn’t speak out loud was the answer or best way to solve the issue. That’s when I say “thank you Jesus” for making me be quiet and taking care of it.

    • I hear you. It can be so difficult to remain quiet, especially when we think our idea is so great. I’m stuck my foot in my mouth numerous times in the past, and it is no fun!

      So going forward, we can remember that we can use our mouths/ words/ speech to bless others. That’s a resolution worth committing to!

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