{Sending My Blessing}

{In Pursuit} Button, final 1

I have been so bless by all of you men and women, who have been {In Pursuit} of God’s best, with me. It has been such an amazing year filled with so much change. Let me just say, it’s so much easier when you know that there is a Body who is praying and believing along with you. Not only with my church family, but with each one of you who take from your precious time to show up here each day.

You bless my heart!

As we close 2012, I pray that God would begin to align all that is yet to be put in order. I pray that God would give you clarity and focus as you prepare for a new year of growth and change. May God put in you a new and fresh desire to pursue Him this coming year. May you  walk faithfully His with hearts fully committed to Him!

I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us. So get ready. Get excited. Get prepared.

We walk into 2013 in victory!





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  1. Amen! I receive that!

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