{The Resolution for Women} My Best, Part 5 (book study)

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This week’s topic was {My Best}. Boy was it a good one.

For about two months or so, I’ve had 2 Chronicles 16:9 on my heart,

“The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him,” (NLT).

When I first read this verse, I prayed that God would give me a heart that was fully committed to him. I prayed that He would lead me with specific instructions for my life, and I prayed that once He gave me those instructions, He would put in me the will to obey.

See, we have to live with ourselves. We have to look into the mirror every day and confront the person reflected there. Is that person staring back at you the person God created you to be?

For me, the answer was: “Well, she’s gotten so far…”

My friend, considering how messed up I was, it would be best to not measure myself based on how far I’ve come. Otherwise, I’d be setting the bar really low.  Instead, I’m measuring myself based on God’s word.

Am I aligned with God’s word? Am I walking according to the promises of God over my life? Am I being the hands and feet of Jesus?

And all of a sudden this simple prayer, “Lord give me a heart that is fully committed” began to open so many new areas where God want to work in. And you know what? I LOVE IT!!!

Why? Because it means that the Gardener is pruning me. It means that He wants me to bear much fruit and so He is working on me. It means that I am able to wipe my slate clean. It means I will not bring to God something that didn’t cost me. I will not give him sloppy and half-hearted service.

Giving God my best means that I am more concerned with His agenda rather than my own. It means that I trust God with my today. And I trust him with my tomorrow. It means I don’t walk in perfectionism, but instead I walk in grace and obedience.

It means I trust God with this season of my life and so I prioritize accordingly.

As you’re able to determine what your current priorities should be, and as you’re obedient in setting other things aside for the time being, don’t fret that you’ll never again have the opportunity to spend time pursuing them.

The next year, perhaps even the next few months, will bring with them a recalibration of what’s most pressing and important. Then some of these activities that you’ve needed to shutter for a time may be ready again to emerge into active duty. Until then fight the urge to spread yourself too thin. ……whatever moment you’re living in will cue you toward the responsibilities that are inherent for you in this time and space.

So do those. Focus on those.

Give yourself permission to say no to certain things that are not really yours to carry right now. And force yourself to delay certain things that aren’t your primary mission for this moment. In doing so, you’ll find that every yes comes with a lot more freedom and fulfillment.

(Priscilla Shirer, p.96)

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